Nayef Al Obaidan- Head of Admin

Nayef Al Obaidan- Head of Admin
Oroni Hasan


Nayef Al Obaidan, the head of the admins, has more than just responsibilities. He shares some of his background as a hard-working admin, obstacles he’s faced, his positive experiences in QLC, and some of the things he’s gained from this conference. Without Obaidan’s efforts to guide a smooth conference, we wouldn’t be enjoying QLC very much!

Obaidan has been an admin for many MUN-related conferences, and is fully committed to his duties. He has faced the challenge of being involved in constant work and follow ups. Using his admirable organization skills and his natural leadership skills, Obaidan has also been able to guide the admin team, who are responsible for maintaining the order of the conference and assisting people around the building. He compliments the hard work of the admins and says that without their efforts and hard work, “no conference would be able to succeed so smoothly and precisely”.

Furthermore, Obaidan also shares what he appreciates most about QLC. He admires the fact that people of all ages from so many different cultures and regions are able to present in this conference and teach us about their perspectives and experiences. The collaboration and exchange of ideas can teach us valuable lessons, and is what makes this conference so beneficial.

While Obaidan does enjoy his time in QLC, he mentions some of the challenges he has to face. He utters about how being in charge of everything can be overwhelming. Preparing for the conference involves plenty of time management, organization, and planning. Being the Head of Admin is a lot of work, and we don’t blame him for feeling overwhelmed!

Obaidan also mentions some of the benefits he’s gained from this conference. He mentions that he used to be shy and reserved, and that by being perseverant, he’s been able to gain more communication and leadership skills. He’s become more confident and decisioned during complex and irregular situations. With lots of personal experience in these kind of conferences, he’s become proficient enough to become Head of Admin, which we praise him for.