Prove What you Speak

Prove What you Speak: Arnav Jain on Presentations and the Art of Persuasion
by Rayan El Amine


Part of what makes a conference like QLC go round is the ability for students to step up, and exclaim both their ideas and their understanding of MUN and the real world. Arnav Jain was both an exceptional example of this, and a terrific surprise to all those in attendance. As he spoke on the importance of a formal speech in MUN, on convincing a group of students to believe a certain idea and to speak with poise and passion for this idea, he not only held on to the standards that he spoke of, he went above and beyond.


One consistent theme throughout the piece had to do with confidence, and the importance of exuding confidence in spite of your worries. In a further display of humility, Arnav said, “It’s not easy being confident, nobody is ever really confident, I was beyond nervous when I started talking, but I lied to myself and made it in the end.”


Perhaps what was most striking about Arnav’s piece was his ability to engage his audience, it is often difficult to strike the balance between the formality of speaking at QLC and the ability to engage a large number of tired delegates. This, often is where adults at this conference seem to lose sight. Arnav, maybe due to his understanding of being a delegate at this conference, or maybe because he has a solid grasp of presentation skills, was able to conduct a powerful conversation on holding a crowd, persuading a crowd, and keeping them in the palm of their hand.


On a personal note, Arnav, or Rav as I call him for short, came out of his bubble and demonstrated an impeccable ability to show people both what he cared about, and why he cared about it. A good friend of mine for two years now, watching him open up like this was a blessing, and a gift for me to watch, and I believe truly demonstrates the skills that it takes to succeed in life, and at QLC.