The QLC – A New Presenter’s First Impressions

MUN Student Reflections – Qatar Leadership Conference – 19-21 October, 2017
By Ahmed Al Naimi

QLC is one of the most beneficial events in the region. The THIMUN Qatar team did an excellent job organizing a noteworthy conference this year, which I proudly participated in. It provided participants a foundation for all their skills through its varied range of topics. QLC was a platform for students and adults to simultaneously network, learn, and present. It was an honor for me to be among the presenters at QLC 2017, where I gave a workshop titled “Aspiring Leaders: Mining Your Inner Leadership Potential”. I had the privilege of meeting countless other presenters from all around the world as well as locals here in Qatar. I got to learn about them, their diverse backgrounds, and intriguing stories. One thing about QLC that you do not find in other conferences is the many influential people that gather under the QNCC roof. The chance to learn from them through conversations and of course, their workshops was so valuable.

The best aspect of QLC is the experience being a presenter. As a presenter, I was given the pleasure of preparing a workshop for students and teachers of many backgrounds. It was the barrier I broke when standing in front of many unfamiliar faces and presenting that sparked a change in my character. Never would I have expected the number of people that came. The feeling was exhilarating and truly unexpected. Many people lining up at the door of your room while waiting to participate in the workshop. Then actually delivering and providing them with what I promised was very encouraging for me. The planning behind the workshop was very tedious although entertaining. I enjoyed every moment rehearsing and even researching, it was definitely worth it. I enjoyed answering every question and interacting with my audience in my method of teaching through exploration. Most importantly, I enjoyed giving to the global community and the future leaders of the world.