Road to THIMUN

Road to THIMUN
Nafilah Khan

Ladies and gentlemen, the long-endured wait has nearly come to an end…the seventh annual The Hague International Model United Nations Conference is just around the corner!

In preparation for this prestigious conference, delegates must make sure that their resolutions are ready for to be debated on. They should also be prepared to make use of their public speaking skills so as to deliver their statements with clarity.

Some practical advice for delegates attending this year’s conference from the previous year’s delegates:

“You really need to know your issues; you need to prepare your resolutions and your speeches. During the conference, just interact and engage because what I regretted in my first THIMUN conference was not saying as much as I wished to. Don’t get fazed. You be you, you’ll be fine.”

“Know your stuff because other people will know their stuff. There will be people who will research your country and other countries because they really want to stand out and be fully into the debate. Try and be confident, even though that is kind of hard. It’s not that bad, especially once you get to know your committee and you are comfortable around them.”

Student officers’ leadership and governing skills should be at their finest. They must now have sound expertise in each of their individual committees in order for the debates they will be chairing to run smoothly.

“I had this great responsibility that if I was given such a big position, I should make the most of it and I should work really hard to prove myself. That’s exactly what I did and that gave me confidence to know that if any event or position comes towards me now, I have the ability and skills to cope with it.” Said by one of the student officers at last year’s conference.

Presentations should be compelling yet still pertinent and to-the-point to keep the interest of the audience. Something invaluable for all presenters at this conference will be their persuasive and presenting skills.

Last, but certainly not least, everyone attending must get their outfits ready and those stubborn wrinkles in their clothes gotten rid of in preparation for this year’s prominent and long-awaited THIMUN Qatar conference.

To end off, a wise saying by a well-known member of the 2018 THIMUN Qatar Executive Committee: “You’re spending a lot of money and you’re dedicating a lot of time to this conference, so make sure to prepare well.”