THIMUN Profile: Lisa Martin

Sundus Alandra

Another year has passed, and THIMUN Qatar 2018 has arrived. It seems just yesterday we were gathering for TQ 17, right here in the QNCC. Every year, thanks to the hard work of many, the conference is ready to welcome delegates from numerous schools and nations. Despite the large number of us that look forward to this conference each year, not many know how much goes on behind the scenes in preparation for this event. Countless students, teachers, and organizers spend hours of time and effort preparing this event. However, without Mrs. Lisa Martin, this conference would not be possible.

Mrs. Martin, international educator, currently serves as the head of THIMUN Qatar, the largest THIMUN conference in the region. She’s founded the Model UN program in multiple schools in and out of Qatar, and in 2009, she founded O-MUN, or online MUN. This program enables students that don’t have access to a physical MUN program to experience it online. Mrs. Martin is passionate about getting students all around the globe a chance to participate in MUN, and gaining a valuable experience. She once described the THIMUN conference as a “tremendous leadership incubator”, which it truly is.

With her relentless support and determination, students in Qatar have been able to organize this THIMUN conference, year after year, without fail, so that all the students who attend can acquire skills that make them better leaders, communicators, and creative thinkers. Thanks to her efforts, hundreds of students worldwide have been encouraged through THIMUN, to give more thought to the field of foreign relations, and its importance and power in influencing the very events that shape the state of the reality we live every day. Most importantly, young people become convinced that they, too, can play an important role in world politics and issues. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and thanks to Mrs. Martin and the THIMUN team, students in this region now have a grand outlet through which they can explore their hidden talents and develop practical skills in debate. Mrs. Martin modestly states: “I am immensely proud of…their [the student’s] ability to host such a tremendous event.” While this is not untrue, without her dedication and devotion, this conference would not be possible. Thank you, Mrs. Martin!