THIMUN Profiles – Keynote Speaker Trisha Shetty

THIMUN Profiles – Trisha Shetty
Natali Al Jundy

Trisha Shetty, the founder of the Indian non-profit SheSays at just 25 years old, and a leader for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been welcomed as a keynote speaker for THIMUN Qatar 2018.

SheSays is a “youth-led initiative that aims to end gender based discrimination and advance women’s rights in India by engaging with the youth and activating them as agents of social change to achieve the UN SDGs”.

In addition to educating over 60,000 people through countless educational workshops, Shetty has also successfully raised awareness and created a support system for survivors who wish to share their stories on SheSays’ many social media platforms.

Though it was created and is based in Mumbai, SheSays has created a universally recognized platform made to educate and empower women to stand up to sexual violence in their everyday lives. SheSays has also partnered with universities and private and government hospitals in order to improve and widen the healthcare provided for survivors.

The focus of the organization at the moment is the Criminalisation of Marital Rape, the Right to Pray and the need for Uniform Civil Code. Shetty is also working to educate and make the public aware of the dangers of gender based violence, consent, and intervention skills through Sexual Violence Prevention & Education seminars.

She states that her ultimate goal is that “in the end, there is no longer a need for companies like SheSays”.