The Growth of THIMUN
Rayan El Amine

To speak of humble beginnings may be a cliche of the successful, but sitting in the vastness of the QNCC, looking at Shell sponsors and close to a hundred different nationalities, I don’t care.

Before THIMUN ever even came to the Middle East, it began in the The Hague in 1968, a small local conference catering to those in the Netherlands who wanted to flex their MUN knowledge. Close to fifty years later, it has been launched in four different nations, with THIMUN Qatar hosting thousands of kids from across the world, joining together to doing far more than simply flexing.

A powerful example of this is the delegation from Afghanistan, a group of kids whose passion for MUN was so strong, they organized themselves and came to Qatar to be a part of a discussion larger than GH1 or the ICJ; it was a conversation surrounding the future leaders of our planet. THIMUN Qatar not only takes place in multiple languages– it also facilitates nearly a hundred nationalities, fully operating Administration, Press, and Justice systems, as well as the thousands of kids from around the globe who come to participate.

Still, no uphill story is without its bumps. Overcoming the current blockade of Qatar was no easy task, and it speaks to THIMUN’s important part in the global context that participants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi were frustrated not because their vacation plans were changed, but rather because they could not attend the much-anticipated conference held every January. Yet despite this bump, THIMUN continues to expand and to join together groups of kids in an effort to discuss the most important issues in the world today.

This conference may have began as a joint venture between Qatar Academy and the THIMUN Foundation, but now, in its seventh circuit, it is a landmark event for every new year and one of the most important conferences for all generations, joining together global icons, influential leaders, and our nation’s future in a single room.