TQ Profiles – Head of Admin Sarah Tariq

Rayan El Amine

The TQ Heads series sheds light on some of the high-ranking, hardworking individuals pushing this conference forward. Theirs are faces you may have seen, and jobs you may even recognize, but TQ Heads seeks to really probe these individuals and to understand why they do their jobs, what they earn from their jobs, and how they got this job in the first place.

Today’s subject is Sarah Tariq, the Qatar Academy student who is this year’s Head of Admin. In our conversation, she spoke in great detail about the gradual rise in her last year of high school to reach her current position, and her appreciation for that valuable journey:


RAYAN: How did you reach this position?

SARAH: I started getting involved in THIMUN when I was in grade nine , once I had experienced being an admin I knew it was for me, grade ten I ended up also being an admin and getting special roles that I think tested both my organisational and leadership skills. I applied to be in the admin executive team in grade eleven and got accepted. It was a great experience, and led me to my position on the executive team.

R: What does this job entail, and how important are the admins?

S: This job requires a lot of skills in organisation and coordination as the executive team and I are working with 100+ students who are then working with 70+ delegates. The THIMUN conference is always celebrated, but rarely do admin get that same credit, yet I believe this conference would not be able to run at all, without the admin helping keep everything in order. It’s always important to remember that it is the admins that are the last ones out of QNCC, and the first ones into QNCC.

R: What would you advise any future heads of admin?

S: I would advise future heads of admins to persist throughout their journey because, for me, it has been a long, stressful adventure, but I have enjoyed all the experiences it has offered me. As THIMUN starts I must say that I’m glad I persevered through with the help of my admin executive team and my supervisors.  


Keep working towards your goal and don’t doubt yourself, you can do it!