TQ Heroes 2018

TQ Heroes

The TQ Heroes series aims to highlight the work of special individuals and organizations that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make THIMUN Qatar events operating smoothly.

Ekhlas Ibrahim – Nurse

One underappreciated but important individual is Ekhlas Ibrahim, a nurse from Al Khor Academy. Being a long and exhausting conference, health is imperative to all attendees. It is heroes like her who assist and care for the unwell during the event.

In her eyes, THIMUN is an event where students gather from all around the world to exchange knowledge and information; it is an excellent and memorable experience for all. As the conference is largely student-run, Mrs. Ibrahim believes that students will gain valuable leadership  skills and confidence by attending the conference.

She hopes that all students will have a chance to participate in an event like THIMUN to enrich their appreciation for international cultures. Her advice to all would be to meet as many people from different countries as possible, as well as to learn new skills.

Without Heroes like her to support healthcare for our delegates, the conference would not function as efficiently as it does. We salute your contributions to THIMUN Qatar, Ms Ibrahim.

Sakib Mahmoud – Conference Specialist

Roaming around the conference venue tirelessly whilst cooperating with students and directors alike, Sakib Mahmood is THIMUN Qatar’s conference specialist, working behind the scenes to help and support Lisa Martin and Fatima El Mahdi and to keep the office efficient.

As an integral member of the THIMUN Qatar office, Mr. Mahmoud manages aspects of finance, procurement, and IT, as well as transportation. He hopes for the growth of THIMUN and ensures the smooth operation of the office behind the conference.

To him, being able to communicate with the students, as well as working alongside them – is the most exciting essence of THIMUN Qatar. Fun, leadership, empowerment – these are the words Mr. Mahmoud would use to describe the conference.

As a final word of advice to all attendees with future aspirations, Mr. Mahmoud advises the young generation to learn from your elders – be it your parents, teachers or seniors – and to take their advice to heart. “They have more experience in being wrong”, he states.

Without the wonderful, hard-working people of the THIMUN Qatar office, the conference would cease to be successful. It is with great pleasure that we salute Mr. Mahmoud’s continued contributions to THIMUN Qatar.