Way of the World (POEM)

Way of the World
Sundus Aladra

We say we live in the 21st century

But why do these expectations prevent our growth in peace?

Our children, raised in boxes, called stereotypes

Can’t escape, no light, no matter how they fight

Society’s built this way, now their road isn’t theirs to pave

Little boy, little girl, come home from school

Each holds a hurt inside, and the boy’s face shows a bruise

The little girl’s tears drip from her eyes, they both ask the adults to justify

He’s told: Why didn’t you hit back?

She’s told: It was a joke, ignore it

As years whirl by, the challenges change, but the advice still remains so strange

“What’s wrong with you man?, You should work out more often.”

“You want to be accepted by us? Go on a diet.”

The vicious cycle destroys all that tread near it

So many will hide, for the fact that they fear it

“Let’s fix that blemish with some concealer,

And wear this shirt, it’ll make you look thinner.”

“Dude, calm down, you’re way too sensitive,

I mean, seriously? You’ve got to be aggressive.”

And each will ask: ‘Why does everyone try to be so flawless

Life’s rules should be reasonable, why are they so moronic?

We’re only human’

“You want to be an engineer? Robotics? Nope, not for you,

Stick to teaching, maybe nursing, that’s what you should do.”

“You say you’re into the arts? Don’t be so sure about that.

You’ll be a doctor, a scientist, something like that.”

And so the succession succeeds itself, swallowing steadfastness,

Consuming confidence, and preventing potential

Until we awaken and advance

That, will be the way of the world