Why They Lie to You

Why They Lie to You
Zoya Salahuddin

False media is a problem. You’ve probably noticed by now: we’re being bombarded with fake headlines and staged videos. Deliberate misinformation of the masses is on the rise, and not without reason. With the constant development of technology, the need for high views and ratings grows, many media outlets turning to the shock factor, a source of promised success. Their philosophy is no secret: they catch you off guard, you hit the share button, their words are spread nationwide.

It isn’t easy to weed out bluffs from the hard facts, but we have to acknowledge: good news can’t exist without the crucial emotive detail. Imagine a hamburger – while the slab of juicy meat is what you’re looking for, the vegetables and sauce are what bring your meal together, making it unique and desirable. Good news is just that: cold, hard facts caked with adjectives and anecdotes which might not be entirely true.

Sometimes, the news is simply a lie. It could be a well-known news outlet, or a 30-year-old Trump supporter, using twitter to spread a false rumour.  You might’ve seen this one before: a 40-follower account tweeting against supposedly ‘paid’ demonstrations against Trump, which (to his delight) sparked attention from the president himself, before the public discovering his allegations were speculations, and that their fire towards the democratic party was based off of lies.

Whether it’s your local newspaper, or a follower-hungry Twitter user, never let your guard down. However, I can promise you this: you won’t find any fake news at THIMUN-Q!