Almost a Whole New World

Almost A Whole New World
Zoya Salahuddin

THIMUN-Q is a conference known to bring together a plethora of opinions from all around the world, coming from various ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds. As many students come to Qatar to engage in invigorating debate sessions, they are given the opportunity to experience a foreign culture, which may propose significant differences from their own.

Qatari culture is often praised for its versatility; many aspects of the locals’ way of life are incredibly unique in their own way, yet not too surreal. Many international delegates commented on how Qatari landmarks were adorned with many culturally specific designs, yet were familiar to the Western eye. The strong influences of traditional bedouin culture on the design and structure of landmark areas, such as Katara, truly depict the stunning beauty of Qatar to tourists (or MUN delegates!).

International delegates also were given to opportunity to attend cultural events and completely indulge themselves in the Qatari experience, venturing deep into the heart of the culture – Qatari food! A delegate remarked that her favourite meal had changed from pizza to machboos immediately after her first bite – evidently, Qatari culture succeeds at making its way to people’s hearts through their stomachs.

A truly appreciable quality of international conferences like THIMUN-Q is the inclusive nature of their sessions – every opinion, from every individual is valued and thoroughly considered, making THIMUN-Q a monumental event treasured deeply by hundreds. To delegates from Qatar, or from anywhere else around the world: I hope you will all leave this conference inspired and fueled up for change. The future is ours!