MUNImpact: HELA Night

MUNImpact: HELA Night 
Natali Al Jundy

“We need to work today to shape tomorrow; if we do not work today, we will not be able to shape tomorrow.” says Sulaiman Sulaimankhil, co-founder and deputy CEO of HELA.

When asked how MUN has impacted HELA’s growth over the years, both Sulaiman and Sana Dawari, the program’s manager, agreed that as they worked towards broadening their impact and focusing on SDG5, MUN enabled them to “create a new vision for Afghan youth”. Through that, they have been able to empower women, which they believe will allow them to shape a better future for the country. Dawari added that MUN has allowed the younger participants to gain the “maturity and responsibility to speak and realize the power of words”. Furthermore, Sulaimankhil stresses how vital MUN has been in inspiring willing participants and make a difference. He says, “this has enabled HELA to encourage their audience to start their own initiatives and, in Gandhi’s words, “be the change they want to see in the world”.

Moreover, when prompted about HELA night, which occured on the 22nd of January in the American School of Doha, both Sulaimankhil and Dawari emphasized how grateful they were for ASD MUN’s executive team, including the hosts, Neil Udassi and Nada Haddad.

Lastly, they reiterated how shocked they were that HELA was well-known in Doha. Dawari ended the interview by talking about how the support and kindness of the audience surprised them, making them feel valued, motivating them to work as hard as they do in order to make a real difference in their country and in the world.