The Irony of Privilege

The Irony of Privilege
Rayan El Amine

In a time of great social awareness, it is easy to point out flaws in our understanding of the global space, flaws in individuals of great power. I always compared it to that of a boxer, punching up is always easy, because you know you can knock them out.

Yet, and I ask this with great caution and great understanding, lest we ever look down across the totem pole and observe the corruption that we’ve become entranced by, because it is easy to claim that equality is necessary when equality is present in your life, but how much can one really understand the struggle having never been through it? How fair is it for us to criticize the corrupt when we bask in a bath of our own corruption?

This is not attacking those who have made it their lifelong service to alienate those who are deserving of it; on the contrary, it celebrates those who have plunged into the abyss of struggle and have reached out to pull someone back up with them. Nevertheless, while this rescue is beautiful, I am wary of those same individuals who glorify a lifestyle of struggle, who glorify ideas of poverty, because for every kid that needs saving, there are tens more that refuse to be saved.

So take your privilege, understand it, appreciate it, but leave it at the door when you step into a room. You are defined by your equity, and the choices you make must reflect that. Be proud of where you come from, and not envious of a struggle, attempt to understand said struggle, but more than that – help said struggle.