The Price of Naivety

The Price of Naivety
Nafilah Khan

Rotting in a four-by-four cell for over three years gives one a lot to think about. Whether for an actual criminal, or one who was simply framed, a life sentence in prison ultimately means hell.

So how did I end up in this murky, abominable place? It was all because of one devious soul.

My sister looked up to me. But unfortunately for Matilda, I’m here now, deteriorating in this horrific place for a crime I never committed. Apparently, I’d pilfered an unaccountable sum. Overnight. But it wasn’t me. It was that disgrace to humanity, Marcus. He set my name up for embezzlement when he himself laundered only God knows how many million dollars.

Once I had gone, Marcus wasted no time taking my place. Unfortunately for us, my grandfather was sick and in need of aid but we could not afford a ticket back home for my dear, naïve mother to reach out to help from the family. She was so desperate to leave, she would’ve travelled a thousand miles by sea, but Marcus came to the rescue, ‘gifting’ her with a plane ticket. No one’s heard from her in two years.

That’s not all.

Matilda had a best friend, one who loved her so much that she was willing to die for her. Seemingly, she did die, too many spiked drinks causing a drug overdose.  Marcus held a funeral for her. She’s not even dead. In fact, she doesn’t even drink, nor has she ever. She was threatened for her life if she didn’t give up her existence in Matilda’s life within moments of being told to do so.

My sister became all alone, and he was the only one there to console her. All her loved ones had abandoned her, I myself being forced in doing so, and he found it the perfect opportunity to strike my fragile dear sister. Despite how pathetic he felt, he assuaged her. Being too helpless to do anything else for my sister, I can only pray that Marcus has changed his ways and didn’t abandon her. Of course, he could leave her, but he won’t, because he’s desperate for someone to care for him, even if under a false image- because nobody can love his true, hypocritical soul.

How do I know all this? He was so proud to tell me of his deeds. And I know that, unlike me, Matilda will refuse to believe that Marcus is not who he appears to be, because he is the only person she has.

Perhaps it is best that she never knows that her husband is the conspirator behind the disappearances of her actual loved ones. He is a fraud. If I could, I would murder him without mercy, regardless of the fact that it would make me a real criminal.