The Threat Behind the Screen

The Threat Behind the Screen
Nafilah Khan

The growth of technology – is it really as a good as the world makes it seem?

On your one Saturday off from work, you decide to stay home and spend your day scrolling through (and shopping from) various online websites. Quite a relatable scenario, don’t you think?
The next day you open up your bank account only to find out that all of your hard work’s savings have vanished into thin air.

This practice is known as cybercrime. Cybercrime is literally what the word suggests: the usage of the internet to commit crime.

To be brutally honest, it is a far too common occurrence. According to Cybint Solutions, a hackers attack occurs every 39 seconds.

If matters get any more out of hand than they already are, technological development and increased dependency on the use of technology to go about with daily life will have done anything but prevent this crimes from taking place.

A notorious example of a cybercrime that took place in Qatar was the hacking of the Qatar News Agency in mid-2017 which sparked the ongoing rift between Qatar and its neighbors.

Despite the leaked information being recovered soon after the hacking, A hideous stain remains between Qatar and its neighbors, making us wonder whether the relations between the countries will ever be the same again.

One can only hope that the future is in favour of us. But until then remain safe online, as you may have your very own hacker waiting to make their move…