THIMUN Profiles – SG Don Sandev Ferdinando

THIMUN Profiles – Don Sandev Ferdinando
Rayan El Amine

The THIMUN Profile series seeks to shed light on some of the high-ranking, hardworking individuals who are pushing this conference forward. These are faces you may have seen, and jobs you may even recognize, but THIMUN Profile seeks to really explore these individuals and understand why they do this job, what do they earn from this job, and how they got this job in the first place.

Sandev Ferdinando made his mark on this conference before ever even stepping into the building, becoming the first SG to ever head the conference that was not a student at Qatar Academy. This marks a serious shift in how this conference is operated, and gives hope to the countless up and coming delegates who do not go to QA, but who still hope to lead this conference.

He began early, by stating exactly how THIMUN Qatar has an impact on all students, claiming that is more than “a simulation, we want to show what is possible if people put their mind to it.” He pushed forward the idea that this conference exists as a real example for the future students to come in and really perform. Furthermore, while his destination is unique, his journey is not. It was the same continuation of hard work, of passion, and of dedication that so many before him had, and after him, will.

Beginning in grade seven, he was pushed into full fledged MUN conferences, struggling and fishing his way through different issues, eventually meeting Lisa Martin and becoming the first EAO of Qatar at OMUN,  helping to to push forward and reviving the Oman-Qatar MUN program. His journey continued, eventually peaking as he became the Secretary General we know him as today.

What’s unique about this story is how common it is; so many others have overcame their fear of public speaking, so many have been touched by Mrs. Martin, so many have a found a niche part of MUN and become successful at this level. Yet, Sandev did something more with this same journey, he potentially understood the magnitude of the situation he was in, claiming, “I now understand I am a part of something bigger, and that changing the norms of today is what our new task as a generation is.” It is through this that has he pushed his ideas forward, and continues to work hard because “success is inevitable if you work for it.”