Twittering Trump

Twittering Trump
Sundus Aladra

The U.S. presidential race of 2016 was like none other, and sure to go down in the books as one of the most influential in American history. With the possibilities of having the first Jewish president, or even the first female president, no one really thought that we could have a first kid president, who would enjoy waging twitter wars.

When a president takes office, their choice of communication with their citizens really impacts their acceptance among people. For example, President Obama was known as the ‘social media president’; he was the first president to use varying platforms of social media to connect with people. Key word: connect. Not rant, not whine, not insult, but connect. However, Trump uses his preferred social media platform, Twitter, to vent in those aforementioned and unfortunate ways, to disconnect.

We’ve seen that these tweets never fail to send the media and the people into a frenzy, until everyone is talking about how stupid, wrong, or controversial Trump’s latest tweet is. This excitement distracts everyone from the issues that make Trump so incompatible with his office.

As we’ve seen throughout the election, Trump never misses the chance to degrade groups of people based on their members’ refusal to accept his nonsense. These groups include women, refugees, immigrants, African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, disabled individuals, the press, and anyone else who doesn’t support his personal vendettas. A year on from his electoral win, Trump still uses Twitter to serve up some of his select choices of fresh ignorance and disrespect.

How can a “leader” who doesn’t practice respect and tolerance be expected to lead this diverse nation? You simply can’t delegitimize these groups of people that make up most of American citizens based on race or religion. You also can’t delegitimize people such as the press, immigrants, and refugees, based on personal discomfort. These people make our country great. Our diversity makes us great.

Trump’s tweets lead us to momentarily forget his extraordinary abilities to disrespect people, break promises, and never be able to make up his mind. The only thing that’s stayed consistent is his promise to “Make America Great Again”. Thanks Mr. Trump, but America is already great, greater than you make it seem. We need a leader who can help us solve our present problems, not ignore present issues (or enlarge them), nor resurrect issues of the past that the people of this country worked so hard to overcome because you thought it might be a good way to relive the good ‘ol days. But don’t take my word for it. Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating of any U.S. president ever. All I can say is, numbers don’t lie. And no, Donny, Twitter is not a toy.