Qatar’s diplomatic community comes out strong for THIMUN Qatar 2018

HE Ernesto Daniel Plasencia Escalante, Cuba

We were honored to have a tremendous showing from the diplomatic community at the opening of the seventh annual THIMUN Qatar conference.  Over 50 embassies were represented, giving delegates a unique opportunity to interact with Ambassadors and other members of the diplomatic community. It was an opportunity to talk about the issues student ambassadors had been researching for months, and to connect real diplomats with engage global citizens, themselves ambassadors in their own right.

We appreciate the time that so many members of the Diplomatic community gave to our event, and look forward to inviting them next year to the 8th annual conference.

Anna Paolini, Head of UNESCO in the GCC region
Faryal Khan, UNESCO
H.E. Ewa Polano, Sweden
HE Dr. Faizullah Kakar, Afghanistan
HE Adrian Norfolk, Canada
HE Willy Kempel, Austria
Mr. Amjad Al-Mbideen, Deputy Chief of Mission, Jordan