Committee Reports for THIMUN Qatar 2018

Committee reports were shared by Zoe Martin-Parkinson, Deputy Secretary General for TQ 2018


Honorable Secretary General, madame president, student officers, delegates, and guests

I would now like to share the final resolution for this year’s 7th annual THIMUN Qatar conference;

Believing that THIMUN Qatar 2018 has been the best conference ever

Emphasising the importance and the power that THIMUN Qatar delegates have, which is shown through MUN Impact and constructive debate.

Acknowledging that in addition to changing the world, we have a lot of fun while in committees

General Assembly 1: Calls upon member states of the First General Assembly to continue speaking up on issues of disarmament and international security in their own lives following the fruitful debates of THIMUN Qatar 2018

General Assembly 2 Calls upon all delegates to please remove their earpods, sit up straight and don’t request to leave for the Chainsmoker concert

General Assembly 3: Strongly suggests delegates to stay awake and actively ensure all phones aren’t lost 5 times in one day

 General Assembly 4: Commends the delegates of the fourth general assembly for their resilience, grit and tactical reverse psychology

General Assembly 5: Applauds the efforts of the fifth general assembly towards promoting women in peacekeeping operations, and bringing an end to the debate of water being wet

General Assembly 6: Encourages the liveliness and dedication shown in committee, whether it be a thousand amendments from Paraguay or a feud between Syria and Jamaica, it was an honor to chair

Disarmament Commission: Congratulates the disarmament commission on its ability to turn its dreams into goals and the delegate’s ability to dodge questions like they’re in the matrix

Environment Commission: Expresses its appreciation to the environment commission for their rather unique diplomatic personalities during debate

HRC 1: Expresses its appreciation to the committee as a whole for making this experience as enjoyable as it was, from the delegate of Morocco stressing the importance of debate, to the delegate of Spain napping.

HRC 2: Calls upon a majority of the delegates of HRC2 to not keep using personal pronouns and a shout out to sole fellow comedians in the committee, even though the chairs appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of all delegates.

Special Committee on Gender Equality and Empowerment: Urges the delegates of SPC to recognise the fantastic and bready debate they carried out over the course of the conference, and to remember that point’s of information have to be questions

Economic and Social Council: Emphasizes the ECOSOC’s talkativeness and the eagerness for the utilisation of mobile devices, but commends their continued perseverance to contribute to debate

Security Council: Urges the security council to raise a P5 caucus on every single veto

We at THIMUN Qatar, resolve to remain energetic, enthusiastic, and actively seized of the matter.

It has been an honor to serve as a deputy secretary general for this years THIMUN Qatar. Thank you