Celebrating Qatar MUN- AKISMUN 2018

 On the 20th of April, Al Khor International School was privileged to host its largest ever conference with delegations from 11 different schools, at the Fourth Annual AKISMUN conference. The conference theme was ‘An Imperfect World’, hoping participants would focus less on our innate flaws as a generation and as a species, but on how they, ‘Generation Z’ must empower themselves to strive for change, in hopes that we can eventually create a world, albeit imperfect, without the injustices we have witnessed since the start of ‘modern’ civilization.

Over the course of the day, the students had engaged in heated, passionate debates over the issues of the agenda. From the ECOSOC debate over the influence of crypto-currency on the economy of nations, HRC 1’s debated over how we can control the development of eugenics, to the debate in CSW regardingmeasures to improve access to legal aid and services for victims of domestic abuse.

Hussein Modak, Principal – BC Curriculum AKIS, Rima Farah, AKISMUN director, Fatima El Mahdi, TQ RC, A Jawhara Al Thani, PUE

The Director and Executive Team were honoured to host the keynote speaker for the night, Ms. Al-Jawhara Al-Thani, the School Cultural Co-ordinator at Qatar Foundation. Her speech had the audience captivated and inspired, as it had allowed us all to view the concept of being imperfect from an unseen perspective. Ms. Jawhara also shared some wisdom of her own experiences regarding the parameters and restrictions of school and university education with some of the Executive Team members, which they had said was very eye-opening and motivating.

AKISMUN (IV) 2018 as a whole marked a historic achievement for MUN within AKIS, and we would like to thank the AKISMUN director, Mrs. Rima Farah, and the Executive Team. To register for next year’s AKISMUN 2019, please email Mrs Farah on Rima.Farah@akis.sch.qa