Qatar International School MUN conference 2019; Supporting Qatar MUN

Snippet of the committee of World Health Organization (WHO)

Qatar International School is proud to have hosted its first internal conference, running from the 28thof February to the 1stof March. With approximately 150 attendees and the majority of delegates being those who have only been recently exposed to the world of MUN, our goal was to create a learning environment in which delegates are motivated to speak fearlessly.

Deputy Secretary General, Diovandi Basheera Putra with one of our keynote speakers, Al Jazeera Human Rights Defender Mr. Hassan El Mogummer. 

In the rise of popular media and the face of an opinionated society, the skills learnt in MUN can definitely transform someone’s ability to rise after their mistakes and failure. This is why we have chosen a theme that embodies the persistence of humanity throughout history: Rising from Our Falls. It highlighted ongoing issues like gender violence, as well as notorious ones like the Iraq Disarmament and the South African Apartheid – both of which were heatedly discussed in the Historical Security Council. 

The Executive Team and some of our Student Officers. 

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