Behind The Scenes of QLC

Nine continuous years of hard work and dedication has been the annual process of producing a phenomenal conference, led and directed by students of different ages, nationalities and ethnicities. Qatar Leadership Conference, an event with a goal to bring leaders in Sustainable Development Goals Education together from across the globe. 

Long before the conference began, THIMUN Qatar Organizing Team has sent out two main forms across a variety of different schools in Qatar,consisting of either the admin or press team applications,in order to be filled out by students with freedom of choice within a specific due date. 

Conference Coordinators are those who are leading the conference, while coordinating and managing everything from start to finish. They are a team of 7, full of experience, achievements and striving for perfection. They  have been creating content and coming up with many ways to make QLC  delightful, fun  and diverting.They’ve worked tirelessly over a long period, making sure the conference is all set up ready for you.

As for the admins, the Head of admin- Mohammed Al Hammadi along with the deputy head of admin- AlGhalia Al Malki had chosen their preferred people in terms of experience and knowledge and settled on a team of 5.The admins are the backbone of the conference, they have been working, and will be working together making sure everything is running smoothly and is perfectly executed for all the participants. The admins are having constant meetings with each other,regarding the new website in the making that will be the platform used to communicate with one another throughout the conference.

The press comes next; with Nowair Al-Tamimi as Head of Press, along with the Deputy Head of press Hind Al-Thani. As a team, these two have gathered a team of 9 individuals for the press and divided them into smaller groups of: Reporting, Social Media, Layout and Artwork. They’ve had several meetings discussing each of the roles, and continuous communication through social media to talk and finalize their outstanding work that will soon be seen and  published  on the THIMUN website, Instagram and all social media platforms  

This is a glimpse of what goes behind the scenes of the conference. We all come in different roles, but with one goal, to produce one successful and enjoyable conference for all participants. With many passions in each one, we all endeavor to unite everybody as a one family, assuring them to fulfill their desires.

Zaina Hamzeh                                                                                                                                                                          English Modern School Doha

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