The Positive Side of 2020

As COVID-19 passes this year has been nothing but,what seemed to be a worldwide pandemic,along with wildfires spreading and risky withdrawal symptoms. Countries gradually closing have provoked striking losses and debted businesses. Yet, here we are eleven months into 2020 and never gave up on hope, nor have we lost it. 

Despite the continuous negativity that got spread among individuals and the internet, 2020 has taught us all a lesson,became the incentive for our desires and came along with many advantageous ramifications.

Many years ago before COVID, the air around us had been deemed very toxic to breathe in due to the amount of greenhouse gases that had been emitted.The Earth faced rising temperatures,which in turn led to the melting of glaciers and rising sea levels.Environmental degradation was happening fast due to the depletion of resources such as air, water and soil, but after the worldwide lockdown due to the virus commenced, there have been some changes in the environment, such as amelioration of the quality of air, due to a decrease in travelling done by people and closing of  industries. As well as, the clearance of sea and ocean water that was resulted by the prohibited usage of boats and plying on the rivers, this promoted a thriving marine life and the recovering of oceans. Lastly,this created a higher life expectancy to wild animals, and led to more freely moving animals, all resulted  by the lack of human interference.

In 2020,the use of digital technology has faced a huge rise and a significant impact.This is affiliated with the rapid virtual adaptations of companies and individuals to carry out different activities.Many educational institutions all over the world have temporarily shut down,and instantly converted to online learning which resulted in economizing huge amounts of money  and saving on the infrastructural costs as a result, the students needn’t bear the brunt of the costs, making it more affordable.The remote commerce industry has seen a dramatic increase by its efficiency,time saving and safe protocols to all users and buyers.Lastly,the rapid pace of advancement in the use of technology has provided the main requirements of technological innovation on the world’s Future of Work.

Amid all the chaosity we’re in,faith has kept us strong. Hand by hand, and with a touch of optimism to these complex and difficult times, we will vanquish the virus and get past the hard times.

Zaina Hamzeh                                                                                                                                                                        English Modern School Doha

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