Climate change’s impact on the melting of glaciers in Greenland

Human interventions have contributed heavily towards climate change around the world especially in the last couple of years. The temperature has increased at an average rate of  0.18°C per decade, thus, causes the glaciers in Greenland to melt. Approximately 34% of the ice sheet surface melted in Greenland, due to human activities such as; releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, pollution and many more. Hence, the world around is seeking difficulties with preventing the amount of damage created, especially since it’s affecting multiple factors including the melting of glaciers. For this particular reason society must stand up to what’s sustainable and what isn’t, to preserve protecting the world, along with showing no harm towards the environment, to live in harmony with nature. Primarily, temperatures are rising globally because of human interventions. This has also contributed negatively to areas such as Greenland, thus requiring people to combat climate change as soon as possible. Therefore, fascinating and critical areas around the world are getting demolished, due to the inefficient methods humans developed to meet their needs and demands.Glaciers in Greenland are melting at a rapid pass, sooner or later there will be no ice sheets, but rather gigantic areas of water. Glaciers are extremely important in our world as they serve us with numerous needs including; freshwater reservoirs, and fertile soil for growing crops. Additionally, glaciers are utilized to reflect the sun’s rays, to help with maintaining a current mild climate. For this particular reason, humans should investigate possible proposals or attempts on efficient sustainable methods humans can pursue, to establish an eco-friendly environment.  Moreover, the United Nation aims to form a sustainable future for new generations by developing goal 13, that intends to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.” The UNFCCC proposes to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to avoid climate change that’s leading to the increasing levels of temperatures. According to the UN  “one of the greatest challenges of our time”  is climate change, that signifies the importance of reducing the amount of Carbon dioxide, pollution and toxins released into the atmosphere, to prevent temperatures from rising and save glaciers of diverse places. The increase in temperature not only impacts humans, but causes sea levels to rise, and ocean acidification, that are seriously affecting areas to a large extent. For this particular reason humans have proposed numerous efficient sustainable methods to conserve and save our planet.  Of the potential sustainable proposals humans attempted in executing, some include; raising awareness through increasing funding for government protection of glaciers, along with replanting trees to reduce pollutants, toxins and carbon dioxide for releasing into the atmosphere. Governments may consider any hydroelectric based projects to thoroughly be reviewed through an environmental impact assessment before approval. Likewise. Before attempting any practices ensure that it’s conducted in an un harmful procedure, for instance Ensuring that mining operations abide by stricter environmental protection laws, such as; restricting continuous mining, limiting the amount of mining, and setting boundaries to this process. As for transportation facilities electric cars come in handy in meeting the needs of transportation whilst limiting the amount of damage made to the environment. Lastly, educating new generations on the critical role glaciers hold to maintain and stabilize the world we live in provides necessities humans depend on to sustain a living and not suffer. All in all, humans should follow eco-friendly paths to preserve our planet and combat the issue of climate change by creating a change in the way in which we conduct daily life matters for the sake of our planet.

Alyaa Al Asmakh 

Qatar Academy Doha

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