The Evolution of Fashion

Fashion is a language understood and spoken by many people.The change in fashion has been exponential over the centuries. A trend followed by the other, decade after a decade, and fashion has been influenced by pop culture, nature and political attitudes. In addition to inspiring styling icons of the time. Fashion is a way of expressing one’s individuality and interests. It’s implemented in our everyday lives and in all sorts of ways and occasions and presented through colors, materials, garments and different styles.

Many trends ago, in the 19th century, Charles Fredrick Worth, was the first fashion designer and also known as the father of Haute Couture. He specialized in prestigious and unique dressmaking designs, that were most requested by nobles and  upper-class families. His phenomenal work was also the first of its time to be promoted on live models with sewed branded labels into his clothing. Later on, Coco Chanel took the throne of fashion. Gabrielle Bonheur or known as Coco Chanel is the french fashion designer and the founder of the designer brand Chanel. She popularized  many pivotal fashion trends and incorporated sporty, casual chic and feminine styles into her designs, which were worn, and still are, by many fashion icons over the decades. 

Nowadays, the word fashion is associated with many different concepts and trends. The sense of  fashion, style and the way it is modeled has faced a major change in the 21st century. As 2008 approached, the world witnessed the beginning of the plus-size fashion modeling, which made numerous brands such as the luxurious brand  Versace, to take a turn and promote their spring-summer 2021 collection in plus-sized models. The continuous refashioning had also led the world to see the first ever hijab model  ‘Halima Aden’ on the runway of  New York Fashion Week, as well as, the alternation of animal fur in all clothing pieces to faux fur.

Despite all the modern styles and trends that rose along the years, there is no doubt that most of them were primarily inspired on the previous trends of the 20th century, as said by the American fashion designer Bill Blass: “A major component of fashion is nostalgia, reacting to the styles of the past.” By every decade passing by, a mark is left behind on fashion trends, and by each trend, fashion is taken up a notch. Since the 1900s till this day, fashion has been and continues to be the stereotype-breaker in all various aspects of life. Not to mention, the competitiveness of fashion amid all businesses still ranks one of the highest in the world, along with its outstanding and astonishing vision expressed through clothing and designing .


Zaina Hamzeh 

English Modern School Doha

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