What the Qatar Leadership Conference (QLC) Holds

Have you ever wondered about the opportunities, social benefits, debating skills and leadership roles QLC holds? Well pursue reading and you’ll find out more than enough to keep you entertained. Qatar Leadership Conference acts as a guiding tool to students within schools especially targeting those who are keen, passionate, and enthusiastic about MUN, service and activism, media studies or SDG’s. Teachers and students participate collectively in workshops along with training periods to bring what we call a successful and more enjoyable conference. In just 8 training workshops, over the course of 4 consecutive days, youths manage to form a solid base of leadership skills, and bring leaders in SDG education from across an interval of countries as a whole. 

Moreover, the conference accumulates more than 200 people working in multiple different groups such as; presentors, press team, along with the admin team to ensure everything flows steadily and smoothly. Primarily, presenters discuss numerous topics including;  peace and justice, building a movement for children with UNICEF, food for all, along with topics related to social media. All of which contribute towards establishing a better world for people to live in. In regards to the admin team, they represent the backbone of the conference. Admin’s organize lessons, communicate as well as form a plan to ensure the conference is interesting, engagging, thus allowing participants to feel motivated and keen to understand more about topics of interest. Furthermore, the press team supports in documenting what goes on through sessions, workshops or even other vital information needed. Likewise, the press team also captures  memorable or critical moments either by photographs or short videos, and form a video depicting the how people get along collectively as one family. 

Potentially, students and educators gain life needing skills such as; leadership, communication, self-esteem, and confidence. In addition, people who contribute to QLC are able to make new meaningful relationships with international people, because the conference engages to accept people from all over the world. Thus, you’re able to benefit and learn from people that come from diverse countries, communities, and cultures, which makes you become more open minded and accepting of others. Both the benefits and skills gained, allows youth to work collectively with people they are unfamiliar with, which is generally going to occur during their future career in workplaces.  

Lastly, the participants ranging from youth to educators, seem to feel joy, excitement as well as fulfilled by the ranges of activities and skills learnt over the period of 4 days. Activities range from individual to group of collective activities, thus allowing people to get practice of both individual work and group work, which comes in handy for future reference. This has not only left students with excitement to upcoming days but to upcoming conferences targeting similar themes and goals, the UN intended to resolve to make the world a better place for people to live in. I encourage you to join QLC since it’s a great contribution opportunity that grants you with meaningful knowledge, friendships, as well as self-esteem and confidence skills. 


Alyaa AlAsmakh

Qatar Academy Doha

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