THIMUN Qatar 2021- Your Leadership Matters!

The President of the General Assembly team have put together a series of SDG based service and educational opportunities to support Student Leadership in the run up to THIMUN Qatar 2021. Project Ideas can be submitted to us as candidates for the Global Act with Impact Awards if they are completed by Dec 10th, however, we still strongly encouragae you to participate even if you miss this deadline!

Project RENGEN sign up by Dec 31st!

As part of the RENGEN Project, students will be working with our partner, Fablabs at Georgetown University, to learn how solar panels function and develop prototypes for the final sustainable energy project. After the training sessions, they will be supported by Fablabs and the TQ team to organise the implementation of solar panels in their schools or to design an advocacy program for renewable energy use. 

Please note that although the sessions are free of cost, should schools wish to implement solar panels in their schools, this will incur financial costs. Please see the guidelines here.

Schools will be informed of the estimates of these costs after registration. Please ensure you have filled in the form below to enable us to plan to accommodate your school for the project: 


Student Art for the SDGs, sign up by Feb 9th 2021

This year, THIMUN-Qatar is excited to host an SDG: 13 Climate Action themed art exhibition (which will be placed in the QNCC’s main hall for all visitors to see) for the upcoming THIMUN X conference. From sculptures and drawings, to graphic designs and paintings, there are no restrictions on the form of the artwork you submit – and you can submit multiple pieces too! This is a great opportunity for people to discover your talents, so don’t miss out on this chance!

If you want to submit any art pieces, please fill in this form before the 9th of February 2021. If you need help transporting your artwork to the QNCC (only applies to physical pieces), please indicate so on the form.


The 3 THIMUN Qatar 2021 Service Hunt activities for TQ participants

Sign up here by Dec 31st 2020!

Activity 1: Student Beach Clean Up, sign up by Dec 31st!

The Beach Clean Up is one of the 3 SDG Service hunt activities that will take place before and after the conference. THIMUN delegates and THIMUN student officers will be working together to clean up a beach. We plan to organise the beach cleanup on Friday January 8th 2021, and estimate that we will have around 100 students participating in the beach cleanup, including training on plastic recycling and the impact of pollution on our beaches. 

Activity 2: Tree Planting in Education City, Sign up by Dec 31st!

The Tree Planting Initiative is one of the 3 SDG Service hunt activities that will take place after the conference. THIMUN participants will be able to take part in this initiative by attending this event at Qatar Foundation and planting tree saplings, which will be provided for them on Friday Jan 15th 2021.


Activity 3: Mental Health Festival, Sign up by Dec 31st!

The Mental Health Festival is one of the 3 SDG Service hunt activities that will take place before and after the conference. THIMUN delegates/ potentially high school students in Qatar will be able to visit this festival and educate themselves about mental health. They will also be able to find resources and contacts locally. There will be stalls and booths run by volunteers (teachers, qualified professionals in the mental health sector, counselors, university students) where the participants can ask questions and discuss mental health. There will also be speaker sessions where participants will be able to discuss mental health further, to be held on Friday Feb 5th. 




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