What Really Happens in the Qatar Leadership Conference?


by Souad Al-Mana, Qatar Academy Doha, QMUNITY Voice Press team Reporter

Qatar Leadership Conference 2021 holds many different opportunities to further enhance your skills in debating, and leadership. Qatar Leadership Conference helps nurture students who are keen on learning more about leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, social and political issues, humanitarians, ending global poverty programs, climate action, SDG’s, Media and Journalism, MUN, and education and career advice. Experienced adults from all around the globe hold the workshops, along with training periods to teach and nurture enthusiastic students. In 40 training workshops, over the course of 3 consecutive days, youths manage to form a solid base of leadership skills and bring leaders in SDG education from across an interval of countries together. QLC is entertaining, fun, informing, and allows students to fully immerse themselves in the training workshops. 


With QLC coming to a close, this article will round up and give you a glimpse into what happens at the conference. The following includes each theme explored in QLC and the workshops attributed to them. Most of the workshops listed have an explanation of what the participants have learned and skills they’ve gained throughout their participation in it. 


MUN skill-building:

1st day: 

Student Voice and Youth Participation in Decision Making


2nd day: 

YOUTH LED: Don’t Speak, Communicate

How to make an impact online MUN Club!

THIMUN Qatar Student Officer Training. 


Communication and leadership building:

1st day: 

Youth Engagement with Generation Amazing on the Road to 2022, 

This workshop has outlined Generation Amazing’s plan for the Road to 2022 and introduced opportunities that students can participate in and how GA is shaping the leaders of tomorrow, using the transformative power of sports as a tool to help them.

Effective negotiating techniques


2nd day: 

YOUTH LED: Don’t Speak, Communicate

  • This workshop stresses the importance of communication, not just speaking.

Building the Horseshoe Arch: Critical Youth Agency as a Collective Endeavor 

YOUTH LED: How procrastination can lead you to success?

  • The workshop exists solely to debunk the myth that “procrastination is for losers” and replace it with “procrastination is for the successful”


3rd day:

YOUTH LED: Staying Motivated 101

The Power of Solution-Focused Leadership

The NHS in the UK and COVID 19

  • In the rebuilding of these broken-down ruins, the National Health Service of the UK has used unique communication strategies and tools to manage their relationship with their patients; the people of the UK. Students have been taught what tools and strategies large organizations used to effectively communicate urgent messages to large groups of people, taken from recent historic events.


Social and Political issues:

1st day:

Addressing Youth Mental Health Needs In Schools

  • This workshop has taught participants how they can use their voices to advocate for issues such as youth mental health needs in schools.

How to Start a Social Enterprise


2nd day:

YOUTH LED: Feminism after reading 3 articles on feminism

Ending Period Poverty with Cups for Change

  • This workshop explored gender inequality, extreme poverty, humanitarian crises, and harmful traditions that create a never-ending cycle of misery, and how Youth can engage in advocacy, giving voice to the voiceless, and put an end to the stigma, the violence, and period poverty.

YOUTH LED: Fake News, Lies, and Propaganda: Identifying Fallacies and Disinformation in a chaotic world

Ending Global Poverty Programs and Projects


3rd day:

YOUTH LED: how does a Child’s upbringing really affect their adult life?

YOUTH LED: Covid Vaccine-Vicious or Vital?

  • This workshop has taught participants all the vital and important information on the vaccine and has enhanced students debating skills as they go into depth about whether or not the Covid Vaccine is vicious or vital.


Entrepreneurship Skills Building:

2nd day:

The Curious Case of Copycat Entrepreneurs: How to be Motivated in the World of Competition?

  • This workshop has taught participants how to stay motivated and encouraged in a world of competition. It has taught participants important motivational skills and given them a glimpse of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


Climate Action programming:

1st day:

How to make your event an ECO-EVENT with QGBC

  • This workshop has taught participants how their events can become accredited as an eco-event through the Qatar Green Buildings Council Eco-Event Award. It has allowed them to understand the negative impact an event can have on the environment. This workshop will stay with them forever as it is extremely beneficial for their future endeavors. 


YOUTH LED: The Politics of Pollution: Looking At Our Planet Through A Different Lens

  • This workshop has allowed participants to have a better understanding of the intricacies of the global responses to climate change and pollution. It has also taught them the skill to analyze different notable events pertaining to the politics of global warming. Most importantly it has also given participants a clearer idea of how to make a significant positive impact on your planet, and help save it, despite the control large establishments hold over environmental improvement.


Media and Journalism skills building:

2nd day:

YOUTH LED: The Age of Information or Misinformation?

  • This workshop has taught participants how information spreads especially in the age of social media, and what makes people believe the information they receive and view while mistrusting other sources. It has also taught them beneficial evaluating skills of what we believe and how to better contribute to the spread of reliable and trustworthy information.

3rd day:

The Language of Graphics

  • This workshop taught participants how to select different color palates and how different types of images can convey very distinct messages and responses from your audience.


Career Advice and Education:

3rd day:

An Analysis of the challenges and solutions of issues in ONLINE learning

  • This workshop has taught participants how to conduct a rigorous analysis to identify the challenges and what research-based solutions are available for Youth to implement in their own organizations.

YOUTH LED: What do the NERDS do differently

  • This workshop taught participants about evidence-based strategies and tactics that will help them tackle the challenge of learning, not using a google recommended strategy like eating 20 carrots will make your brain’s vision clear. 


The workshop offered at QLC 2021 that has appealed to me the most is ending global poverty programs and projects. This workshop was an excellent opportunity offered to participants in QLC. This workshop was taught by the Haitan Ambassador, HE Mr. François Guillaume II. Not everyday do you have the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted and taught by an ambassador. This workshop was an amazing opportunity to learn skills from an extremely experienced person whose job is one that many people, including me, strive for. In this workshop, H.E. Mr. Guillaume took Haiti as a case study to share his reflections on how a mindset shift in how we approach both the challenges and solutions of SDG 1 ”No Poverty”, could contribute to the Sustainable and Equitable Economic Development framework that would in turn have greater impacts on SDG 1 goals.

Overall, QLC offers many opportunities for students who want to enhance their skills, and knowledge on modern, relevant topics. The knowledge and skills they learn from QLC will be extremely beneficial to them in their future endeavors such as school, university, and working life. 


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