How To Be a Superhero?

“You’re going to make a difference. A lot of times it won’t be huge, it won’t be visible even. But it will matter just the same.”

– James Gordon

Superheroes. For children, a superhero is a role model –  someone they look up to. Someone they hope to be one day. As you grow up, this dream seems to get harder to achieve. But what if someone tells you that achieving it might just be a few clicks away?

Most of us have all the resources needed in order to make a difference – all we need is to get started. To get started on the journey to becoming a superhero, you can begin by raising awareness – not just for others, though, but for yourself. It’s essential to be well-educated on certain issues yourself because only then you can strike conversations about it with others. Of course, it’s impossible to know every single detail of every issue, but what’s important is knowing enough that you can initiate conversations about it and get people interested.

Moving on, let’s talk about the unlimited opportunities we have in order to be able to bring about a change. First and foremost, Model United Nations. It is such a perfect platform to learn, educate and enhance your knowledge and use your skills to come up with solutions. At THIMUN 2022, we had countless delegates writing up resolutions, coming up with various ways to overcome the issues that the world is suffering from at the moment. They took it a step further with heated debate on what solution was possible and perfecting their resolutions. In addition, the admins did their best to ensure that it was a smooth experience for the delegates, and the press team captured every moment of the process and used various social media platforms to raise awareness and attract peoples’ attention to the global issues. 

Aside from MUN, you can volunteer in different activities such as a beach clean-up and tree planting, as well as helping people directly, such as the time when volunteers were called to help the refugees in the Afghanistan crisis. In Qatar, you can take part in debates and other unlimited competitions to come up with solutions for anything and everything, be it through using technology or science. 

Furthermore, with a majority of us being active on social media, searching for chances where we can use our skills to help other people is extremely easy. We all have something that we excel at or something that we love to do, and finding a platform where you can work for others while enjoying the whole process is honestly a piece of cake in this day and age. For example, if you like writing, you can sign up for positions where you can use your writing skills. If you’re into sports, you can teach those that cannot afford lessons on how to do them. If you are good at photography or drawing, you can use your talents to guide others to help those in need. 

As James Gordon said, sometimes, your acts of kindness will not even be visible, but as long as you can help someone, even with something as small as giving them a smile every day, you are a superhero. You are someone who can change the mindset, and thus, someone who can fix the flaws in our society. 


Maliha Mujahid

The Next Generation

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