Modern Day Slavery and Forced Labour

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to be restricted in every aspect of your life? To have no freedom whatsoever, and to have another person controlling every single thing in your day-to-day life.

Around the world, 24.9 million people do not have this freedom that we take for granted every day, every moment – every second. Forced labour may not mean much to us, but for those 24.9 million people, it’s a suffocating experience that continues ruining any potential for a future they could have had. 

We live in an era where raising our voices for the vulnerable is the easiest it has ever been, an era where we have access to platforms where we can choose to bring attention to any topic whatsoever. We live in the modern world, where as a community, we’re so much more aware and ready to act than the previous generations. We are a generation who do not tolerate any sort of discrimination or injustice, and yet, we let countless people force the vulnerable into doing all sorts of things. 

What’s more shocking is that ¼th of the individuals that are forced into doing labour are kids. We’re talking about children who have yet to fully develop their mindset and personalities. Another bothersome fact is how, even though we claim to be a very modern and established society, we’re actually worse compared to our older generations. 

For example, slaves were actually much more expensive back in the day compared to the present day, which reduces their value and makes them more disposable and, in a way, makes it easier for people to partake in forced slavery because they’re able to profit from a cheap service, without considering the background or the problem. Moreover, the disappointing factor here is how they are sold, and referred to, as things, rather than human beings. 

These were just a snippet of the actual problem – the tip of an iceberg. It goes much deeper with many more facts and statistics that prove that these individuals are being tortured, the only difference being that, in this case, the offenders successfully manage to disguise it as normal. To let these inhumane actions continue would be simply wrong because there are people that are losing their chance at a normal, happy life because of it. 

As always, the first step is awareness. People can only gain the courage to step up to speak about it if they are aware, and for THIMUN 2022, this was achieved by debating it in the UNHRC 1 committee. We, at THIMUN, set up the start – it’s up to you to play your part and ensure that our initiation efforts do not go to waste. 


Maliha Mujahid

The Next Generation

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