MSMUN-Q Update: Dasa, your DSG, checking in

This post is brought to you by Dasa Riadi, Deputy Secretary General of MSMUN-Q 2015.


Hello there! My name is Dasa Riadi from Qatar International School, and I will serve as the Deputy Secretary General for Qatar’s very first MUN conference aimed at middle school students: MSMUN-Q 2015, to be held on Friday the 24th of April! Since December last year, the MSMUN-Q executive team, composed of Adeeba Ahmad (Secretary General), Razan El Kahlout (DSG), and myself have been working extremely hard to ensure that participants only receive the best experience from this conference.

One achievement was selecting our own very talented student officer team. After 6 intense weeks of executive meeting and reviewing over 40 student officer applications, we have selected 15 outstanding and capable committee chairs that will sure to fulfill our expectations. This set of talented individuals will then have to write research reports, centralizing on the theme of Human Rights, for their committee’s corresponding issues to ensure that our middle school delegates receive the same intensity, excitement and fast paced-ness of normal high school MUN conference. Additionally, we have selected 3 more chairs if the number of delegations were to increase, in which case we need to add one more committee to the conference (I hope to see the number increase sooner or later!)

After the selection process we hope to have two chair trainings (one on the 20th of February and the second one on the 13th of March), in which myself and the other two executive members will hone the chairing skills of our student officer team, where we will subject them to three hour chair training per session (good luck to them!). Our Head of Admin, Houda Kerkadi, is also working hard recruiting her trusted and witty team of admins to ensure that the management of the conference will run as smoothly as possible. Keeping this in mind, the purpose of MSMUN-Q is to develop and deepen the leadership abilities of aspiring high school students, and to open up the exciting world of Model United Nations to middle school students.

I hope to see you all support this wonderful opportunity so that hopefully next year we can further expand this conference. Stay tuned!

TQ-Afghanistan Initiative: Afghan delegate shares thoughts on THIMUN Qatar

Madina, one of the first students coming from Afghanistan to participate in THIMUN Qatar, checks in and shares what makes this such a special delegation.


In the last couple of years MUN youth have represented countries of the world as a real member of the UN (United Nations) and shared the important issues facing their countries. Fortunately this year youth of Afghanistan have the chance to participate in MUN representing the country of Djibouti, which is located in the horn of Africa. Afghan youth will be able to show their talents, share their opinions and also talk about their experiences in Afghanistan. This Model United Nations conferences brings students together from around the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds.

I had never heard of MUN before in Afghanistan, all the students in Afghanistan are just going to school, memorizing the text books that they have to do that. They don’t have any critical thinking, creativity and activities. They have a subject by the name of sport but there is no area for doing sports eve. Students don’t have the things for sport. Most of the students are going to school just because of the pushing  of their parents. If their parents don’t tell them to go to school, they are not going because they think that they are just wasting their time in school. It’s just because of the old and useless method of studies and education in schools in Afghanistan. I think it’s a big opportunity for students in Afghanistan to do MUN. when I first heard of MUN it was very exciting for me cause it was my first time doing MUN.


It has been great working with other students from around the world which is my first time doing it in our country. Doing MUN with students from different countries and deferent cultures is interesting for all Afghan students, and it will be a great experience for all of us. The much exciting and important part of MUN is that we are doing it online and siting it up by our self.

We are the only ones  doing MUN in all of  Afghanistan, and we are the luckiest of students in the country for doing this, because most of the children are working on the streets for their families to earn money for their sisters and brothers. They are not going to school; they are not having fun-just working and working.

TQ15: New conference app to be unveiled

This update is brought to you by Akhil John, Head of IT for the THIMUN Qatar Conference.

Akhil QLC
Akhil (center) has been an integral part of the TQ Tech team. He is a senior at Qatar Academy.

The THIMUN application is the first official application for the event. The application was made with the sole purpose of serving the participants of the THIMUN conference be it the admin team or the chairs. The app was made with the people of the conference in mind.

The application integrates different features such as the map feature which presents to the participants a layout of the map which helps people get around the conference area with minimal confusion. Other features of the application include conference schedules with events of the day and the next days. It includes a functionality that informs the tech actions. team of any problems during the conference helping the tech team to immediately respond with the necessary. The beauty of the application is the simple aesthetics with great functionality that helps people get around and be informed. There are other features for international participants informing people about the different restaurants and the malls to be at. The application is centered to giving a great conference experience with no worries and confusions.

The applications will see further improvements including reminders, push notifications notifying the participants of the different conferences events taking place. The app will also include a rating feature which will allow the participant to rate his experience in the conference and will also allow the participant to give his or her thoughts and opinions. The application will be available in the app store at the time of January and this will be available to all. The application is made in both platforms mobile and tablet and also includes the different operating systems such as android and ios.

The goal of making an application was for the benefit for the participants of the conference. To allow them to use the app for conference purposes and outside conference purposes to enjoy the beauty that Qatar offers. The application will hopefully bring about major changes in the experience of the participants and hopefully bring about a more satisfied experience for all.

Telling stories-THIMUN Qatar 2015

Anisha Pai is the Head of Online Publications for THIMUN Qatar 2015. This Doha College delegate speaks to what she’s gained from participation in THIMUN Qatar over the years, and what she hopes to achieve at the upcoming conference.


I’ve attended every THIMUN conference hosted in Qatar since 2011 as a delegate. Through THIMUN, more I’ve attended every THIMUN conference hosted in Qatar since 2011 as a delegate. Through THIMUN, more than any other MUN conference I’ve attended, I have formed and fostered friendships I would never have had the chance to make otherwise. The people I’ve met underneath the spider and in the sprawling conference rooms of the QNCC tend to be smart, open-minded, charismatic people whose loquacious knowledge of any topic can be intimidating. However, getting to know others my own age, from a similar background to mine, yet who seem so much more advanced than me, has taught me how fundamental humanity is; how emotional connections and friendships are so important in a fast paced, dog-eat-dog world because they keep you grounded.

And that realisation has been increasingly helpful when addressing the profound issues discussed in the committee rooms; being open to the views of other countries, being diplomatic and understanding is a skill the MUN community has taught me these past three years. In that time, I have grown into and find myself surrounded by friends who are established veterans of the kind I first admired and never dared aspire to at the first ever THIMUN-Qatar. I now understand that those I was so intimidated by were, and still are, simply flawed, kind, struggling humans like myself and I am euphoric to be experiencing my last ever THIMUN-Qatar as a videographer who gets to tell the stories of the people who have inspired and educated me.


TQ15: Update from the Secretary General

OSama for blog post

By Osama Ghani, Secretary General for THIMUN Qatar 2015.

With just a month to go, THIMUN Qatar is really gearing up. Student officers have really been working. After finishing up their research reports, local student officers will be working with the executive team for chair training and evaluations. The admin team assignments for the conference have been completed, and they are now working on how to make the conference an enjoyable experience for all. The press team has begun training sessions, and is working towards a pre-conference publication. Meanwhile, the IT team is in the stages of development of an app for THIMUN Q. The office is working hard to get the participation booklets published and updating the MUNIS system.

Conference logistics planning is underway as well. Booking of hotels, flight coordination and buses are being finalized. Social night venues and catering services are being booked. In addition, the student officer social planning is reaching completion. Sessional speakers are being called in and booked for different committees. Closing ceremony entertainment has been booked.

Overall, it’s been a busy month for the THIMUN Qatar office, and for all student officers and support staff. All the parts seem to be falling together. The Executive Team looks forward to welcoming all participants and directors to the conference in February.

Our responsibility to make the change

Lama Amed is a student at American School of Doha.  Inspired by the Qatar Leadership Conference, she has gotten her school involved in a unique project in Nepal.

A pencil and paper…In our sense they are not worth much, but there are people out there who can’t even get those. Education is the key to life it’s our nature to want to know and so every human being deserves the right to. The UN has a goal to have all children everywhere girls and boys alike, to be able to complete primary school education by 2015. However, this goal sadly as we approach the year was not achieved, and this is our responsibility. I am familiar with the improper education or any at all in many if not most of the countries around the world and it has been always an issue that bugged me. So I fundraised a couple of times raised awareness; campaigns and such. However, I never experienced helping with my own hands, I always felt like it was an undoable thing and I am not old enough to travel and make project, it all seemed so far away.


But after I went to the QLC (Qatar Leadership Conference) I truly was empowered and motivated, and was ready to lead my own path. During the conference I was fortunate enough to get to hear Mr. Peter Dalglish, a man that I will never forget in my entire life. He spoke of what life is like for the children in Nepal, Afghanistan, Khartoum and other third world countries. However that was not what caught my attention because I already knew that, being an Egyptian and living in Egypt most of my life I knew what street children experienced and the poor education they received. However what fired me up was his words of encouragement; I realized that I can go out there and make my own change. I realized how blessed I am to receive proper education I felt like it was my responsibility to take an action and pass on this education, so I decided to take a step forward.

I went to Mr. Dalglish and I asked him about the ways by which I can start helping and making a small change. He was very helpful and he told me about the Nepal organization (Himalayan Voluntourism), and he gave me all the contacts I need to start taking action. Therefore I emailed him and the organization and I decided I wanted to adopt a school in Nepal. My idea is to get children to go to school and be enthusiastic about it. Many children drop out of school in less fortunate areas like in Nepal because they see it as a waste of time; they can be working and bringing in money instead. And this is because the curriculum and the teaching techniques are boring and based of memorizing, as Mr.Prabin, one of Mr. Peter’s friends, had told me, and that’s no fun! Hence, I decided I wanted to arrange a trip to Nepal with a group of students and teachers from my school ASD (American School Of Doha). The teachers will train the Nepalese teachers so that they would improve their teaching skills, and our student volunteers would be teaching the children different things like: English, math and science, in interactive ways and through activities. Also we will be bringing in different useful resources to the school to help the learning process. The plan is that we will be visiting the school every Eid and Spring break, to furthermore improve the learning process. The goal from this is to see those children get more interested in school year after year and to get them the proper education that would empower them and change their life.

The project is now I’d say is under construction; I have introduced it to my school principle Mr.Boudreau and my supervisor Mr.Crook and they are very supportive of it. Arrangements are being made and hopefully we’ll be able to pay our first visit next Eid break. The main goal from all of this is to see those children get the proper education they need to have an equal chance of becoming future global leaders as I do. Knowledge is the true treasure of life, and it is the right for each person to be provided with the proper map to find this treasure.

New Middle School Conference Announced

Hi there! I’m Adeeba, the Secretary General of the first Junior MUN conference at Qatar Academy, to be held on the 24th of April, 2015. Joining me in organizing this conference are my two deputy secretary generals, Razan El Kahlout, from Qatar Academy and Dasa Riadi from Qatar International School. Also joining the team will be Houda Kerkadi, also a Qatar Academy student who will be our Head of Admin. We’re well under way in planning our conference.

Exec Team for MSMUN conference

With approximately 100 students from both Qatar Academy and schools around Qatar, we’re preparing at least 4 committees, with additional committees to be added should the  numbers of registered delegates increase! The conference will be hosted at the  Qatar Academy campus, and the theme will revolve around Human Rights. Participating schools include Qatar Academy, Doha College, Delhi Public School (DPS), Mesaieed International School and American School of Doha.

Our four committees will be the Human Rights Commission, Environment Commission, Disarmament Commission, and ECOSOC. Our two backup committees are GA3- Social and Humanitarian Committee, and a Special Conference on Organised Crime and Drug Trafficking, in that order of priority. These committees will be entertained under the theme of the conference “Protection of Human Rights”. The chair appointments will be released in January, and our Head of Admin will be taking sign ups for our anticipated admin openings in February.

Further details will come soon. Let the excitement begin!


Setting the student officer team
Setting the student officer team






Further details will come soon!

Putting MUN Into Action! Helping students in Sri Lanka

 QA Action member, Mahum Mujeeb, gets us up to date on the work of Qatar Academy’s MUN Action Club.

skype call

QA Action is a club that focuses on a project in Sri Lanka that contributes to lasting improvements, which involves having an intellectual and emotional commitment that fosters kindness, empathy, charity, leadership and tolerance in everyone involved. It is an initiative between Qatar Academy and Eravur Educational Development Institute (EEDI), which aims to empower the children of Eravur through education in order for them to have a sustainable long-term social support for other programs that may be in the community. EEDI initially started of with around 150 students, now around 350 students under this school, show casing rapid improvement since 2007. The remarkable success of this initiative is unmistakable as our students are achieving some of the highest exam results in the area.

kids in Sri lanka!

Recently, a few Qatar Academy student’s skyped with a graduate from EEDI, who now teaches at the school. This helped everyone to better understand the current situation there and how we could support the students and build relationships with them.

Between the days of 4th January and to the 8th, Qatar Academy will be having an Eravur week, in which there will be several activities that take place such as a scavenger hunt, face painting etc. All funds earned will go to the development of the school and in helping the students in Eravur.

Films now being accepted for the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival

The annual THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival is pleased to announce the opening of its film submission window. This film event is open to independent film makers  in middle and high school. The mission of the Film Festival is to encourage better understanding of, and appreciation for, cinematic arts, to help put a human face on contemporary issues facing the world today, and to support learning in Model United Nations programs by encouraging students to become advocates on global issues.


Interested students are encouraged to submit a 5-8 minute film of advocacy, one that informs others of an issue or advances a cause. For examples of last year’s award-winning films go to

Nominated directors will be flown to Doha for a three day, all-expense paid weekend of film workshops, cultural events, and a Gala Dinner and awards ceremony.

The deadline to submit films is February 14, 2015.

Visit the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival webpage at

For complete contest rules and registration information go to direct questions to the THIMUN Qatar office at



THIMUN Online wins global youth award


By Zohaib Ahmed, THIMUN O-MUN’s Executive Officer for India

On 13th November of this year, Online Model United Nations became the proud recipient of the World Summit Youth Award. The determination and tenacity of its delegates and its Executive Team had led it to win one of the most prestigious awards for ICT development in the world. The World Summit Youth Award competition is a project of the United Nations Millennium Campaign and brings together young developers and digital entrepreneurs – under 30 years of age – who use internet and mobile technology to put the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into action and make a difference.

Over the last few months a large international jury of social activists, young entrepreneurs, UN officials, businessmen and IT experts evaluated over 1896 submissions, across six different categories, from 138 UN member states, and reached a verdict. O-MUN emerged as one of the three victors in its category and probably the most unique one.  Amidst projects which aim to use the power of the internet to “redefine wealth and social welfare” and others which seek to “tackle the interrelated problems of hunger and waste” stands Online Model UN, the only completely student-run organization with the potential of having an impact anywhere in the world and dealing with the largest demographic the world, the youth. It due to this that the award has been very fitting for this organization, for it propagates, across every level of its organization, the idea of harnessing the power of the youth to change the world.

While many of the other recipients perform commendable work to further the MDGs, their focus is generally narrowed down to a particular MDG. Online Model UN on the other hand serves as an organization working towards the fulfillment of every MDG of the United Nations, for unless people are educated about these goals how can they be expected to help realize them? Through numerous debates and discussions, all held in an online environment, O-MUN does a job which very few organizations can do. It teaches young minds about the world’s problems and the UN’s goals, motivating them to take action and create a better world.

It is perhaps for this reason that O-MUN has been awarded with such a prestigious prize and been invited at the Winner’s Event at Brazil. There, O-MUN representatives will have the opportunity to meet other social entrepreneurs, business leaders and representatives of international organizations as well as government officials and get the chance to present their project to an international audience, gaining valuable support and a brilliant platform. It is my hope that this event can enable O-MUN’s uniqueness and value to be recognized even further, this time by the UN itself, and enable it to cater to a wider body of potential leaders. Brazil holds new and great opportunities for this organization and I am confident that it will be able to make use of them all.