Education Above All

Education Above All Sundus Aladra How does education empower people? And why is it important for all people, especially children, to access it? The organization ‘Education Above All’, founded by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser in 2012, aims to answer these questions through their work and their goals. Education Above All is a foundation

A Lasting Impact

A Lasting Impact Rayan El Amine Kari Beck, affectionately called Mrs. Beck by her students, has been participating in Model United Nations for many years now (citing one of her first conferences as the 1995 Hague Conference, where she represented Cameroon!). Yet, as someone who has immersed themselves in such a community, absorbing everything it

The Effect of Media on the Youth

Effect of Media On the Youth Oroni Hasan   Exposure to media is challenging to avoid in these present times. With the fast pacing development of technology and ongoing world politics, it’s no surprise to see a device held in everyone’s hands. The older generation of our society is generally less prone to being affected

On SDGs and Law

On SDGs and Law by Rayan El Amine   Of the many respected members of the presentation, few are as versed and have as many man hours as the combination that was Gilberto Duarte and Kudzai Mukaratirwa. Often speaking on as complex and controversial a topic as “The Rule of Law”, especially as they link

Diplomacy in MUN – Beneficial or Detrimental?

Diplomacy is, quite bluntly, the art of dealing with people in a way where no one ends up getting hurt. At least, not hurt directly. Whether between delegates debating in a conference, or as diplomats negotiating international issues, diplomacy is vital. But to what extent can one be diplomatic while still being able to argue

The Community Reflects: O-MUN at QLC 16

  The Qatar Leadership Conference 2016 brought together hundreds of motivated students, accomplished leaders, and inspiring speakers. Once again, a large, incredible group of people met at the Qatar National Convention Center to discuss, inspire, brainstorm, and socialize under the famous 30-foot spider. Amid it all, as friendships were developed, ideas were formed, and paths