By Layla Hamza , MSMUN-Q Press Team MSMUN-Q was a very successful conference! Delegates were hyped up and ready to debate at the very opening of the conference! ECOSOC had a very interesting topic to debate, ‘’Measures to prevent early and forced marriages’’ The second I walked into their commission I was startled by Netherlands and

The English Modern School Be Preppin’!

  Article By: Layla Hamza, The English Modern School Looks like we’ll be having some very fun debates today! The English Modern School has been firing it up lately. We’ve been preparing for this conference for around a month! But don’t get intimidated just yet, because we’re just as scared as you guys are! It

Catching up with MSMUN-Q’s SG, Ahmed Al Hajari

Article by: Emily Barlow Photo by: Farah Armoush, Qatar Academy Doha Ahmed Al-Hajari is a grade 11 student at Qatar Academy currently serving as Secretary General of MSMUN-Q. Ahmed has been involved in MUN for five years and he’s attended around twenty-two conferences both locally and internationally. He started with MSMUN after he got the position