The Community Reflects: O-MUN at QLC 16

  The Qatar Leadership Conference 2016 brought together hundreds of motivated students, accomplished leaders, and inspiring speakers. Once again, a large, incredible group of people met at the Qatar National Convention Center to discuss, inspire, brainstorm, and socialize under the famous 30-foot spider. Amid it all, as friendships were developed, ideas were formed, and paths

QLC 2016: Taking #OMUNpride to a Whole New Level

Stepping into the vast halls of the Qatar National Convention Center that lay strewn with blonde, black, brown, ginger and ombre dyed-haired teenagers bubbling with excitement, I felt as though I had just stepped into something much more than a mere conference. Closely connected islands of youth filled the atmosphere with passionate banter about aspirations,

Discovering the Power of Globalised Patriotism: Afghanistan

By: Irene Ann Promodh Deputy Secretary General, OMUN As delegates streamed into the room, our adrenaline pumped higher as the moment we had been waiting for was finally manifesting itself in reality after months of preparation, brainstorming and planning. What had flickered within me as a subtle idea of creating international patriotism and proactivity on an

Maverick Youth

It is a real honor to share this next story. Bassim Eledath was OMUN’s Press and Publications Officer in 2014-2015. This talented young writer also proved to be a fantastic MUN delegate. I met Bassim personally when he came to THIMUN Qatar in 2014, and the success of his online publication and community, Maverick Youth, comes

Afghanistan’s paralympian keynotes for OMUN Qatar

By Sreeparna and Ronishka, OMUN Qatar Press Online Model UN’s National Program, O-MUN Qatar, has only been running for several months; yet in that short period of time, it has succeeded in making great strides in the development of the MUN platform. Easy to access virtual classrooms, and an integrated network of social media and free