Early Beginnings and Exceptional Valor- Sulaiman Sulaimankhil (post conference interview).

Early Beginnings and Exceptional Valor- Sulaiman Sulaimankhil (post conference interview). Moved by the entrenched destitution in Afghanistan, Sulaiman Sulaimankhil began teaching at the young age of 14. A year into his teenage years and Sulaiman was doing things far beyond his age. Today Sulaiman is 17 years old and his habit has not changed but

Video Project Showcases HELA

From dream to reality, the THIMUN Qatar Afghanistan Initiative came full circle at #QLC15 when HELA’s Development Director and TQ 2015 delegate, Sulaiman Sulaimankhil, attended the Qatar Leadership Conference in  October 2015. In addition to presenting at the conference and sharing his organization’s growth from a small MUN club to Afghanistan’s first NGO focused on

Marie Luthra reminisces on QLC

In a pre-conference interview Ms. Marie Luthra, MUN Director of DPS- Modern Indian School and THIMUN Advisory Board member shared her valuable thoughts on the Qatar Leadership Conference. She has been associated with the Qatar Leadership Conference since 2012 and has sweet reminiscences about the latter. On being asked to recollect some of these, she

The Power of Stillness

As the Qatar National Convention Centre swarmed with presentations stimulating the mind with copious food for thought, one unique workshop brought stillness to these minds racing with ideas.  The workshop by Mr. Steve Lawrence gave an unprecedented dimension to leadership which began not with controlling the world around us but with controlling ourselves. Introducing the

Leadership and Collaboration: Working in the front lines – Peter Dalglish

“One of the two children had his eyes burned, tongue cut and a gunshot in his head. He saw something wrong, he raised his voice against it and he was murdered.” Peter Dalglish belonged to an affluent family, went to Stanford University and was on his way to leading a traditionally successful life in a