The Water Crisis

By Maryam Al Sada, Head of PR, THIMUN Qatar We are always taught to appreciate what we have, or we may risk losing it. This has never been truer than our need to be appreciative of having easy access to clean water, which most of us take for granted. If you are lucky enough to

Youth and Obesity

By Maryam Al Sada, Hungry? Three taps on your phone and a piping hot delicious delivery is 30 minutes away. Seems easy and helpful right? Yea, well, not until you discover that nearly half the students in Qatar are considered overweight and around a quarter are shockingly considered obese. Obesity in Qatar  Dr. Taheri,


By Taraf Jaro and Maryam Al Sada 25 years have passed since Arabs and Israeli’s established the Oslo Accords in 1993 that renounced terrorism and violence with the misguided hope to achieve peace in this troubled area of the world. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) recognized Israel’s right to exist, and Israel allowed self-governance for