Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow from Zaamin Hussain and Matthew Walton At 24 years old, being invited across the world to speak at the Qatar Leadership Conference was a thrilling prospect, but no small undertaking. This was an enormous opportunity to influence young impressionable minds and spread awareness about some of the most pressing global

The QLC – A New Presenter’s First Impressions

MUN Student Reflections – Qatar Leadership Conference – 19-21 October, 2017 By Ahmed Al Naimi QLC is one of the most beneficial events in the region. The THIMUN Qatar team did an excellent job organizing a noteworthy conference this year, which I proudly participated in. It provided participants a foundation for all their skills through

Nayef Al Obaidan- Head of Admin

Nayef Al Obaidan- Head of Admin Oroni Hasan   Nayef Al Obaidan, the head of the admins, has more than just responsibilities. He shares some of his background as a hard-working admin, obstacles he’s faced, his positive experiences in QLC, and some of the things he’s gained from this conference. Without Obaidan’s efforts to guide

The Effect of Media on the Youth

Effect of Media On the Youth Oroni Hasan   Exposure to media is challenging to avoid in these present times. With the fast pacing development of technology and ongoing world politics, it’s no surprise to see a device held in everyone’s hands. The older generation of our society is generally less prone to being affected

On SDGs and Law

On SDGs and Law by Rayan El Amine   Of the many respected members of the presentation, few are as versed and have as many man hours as the combination that was Gilberto Duarte and Kudzai Mukaratirwa. Often speaking on as complex and controversial a topic as “The Rule of Law”, especially as they link

Diplomacy in MUN – Beneficial or Detrimental?

Diplomacy is, quite bluntly, the art of dealing with people in a way where no one ends up getting hurt. At least, not hurt directly. Whether between delegates debating in a conference, or as diplomats negotiating international issues, diplomacy is vital. But to what extent can one be diplomatic while still being able to argue

What Following Your Heart Can Do

What Following Your Heart Can Do: Jordan Hattar on Turning Compassion Into Action by Zoya Salahuddin   QLC day 2, when passion and spirit reach previously unattainable heights, Room 105 is already buzzing with enthusiasm. A throng people spill in from the doors, everyone excited to hear how they can work towards making a change,