Meet the MISMUN 2016 Executive Crew

Like a superstar brought into the spotlight, 2015 concluded with a fabulous MISMUN conference, enjoyed by all delegates, teachers and staff members alike. This was to be expected, as the Executive Team consisted of experienced students from years 12 and 13. However, the Executive Team for the MISMUN 2016 conference is comprised of students ranging


By Layla Hamza , MSMUN-Q Press Team MSMUN-Q was a very successful conference! Delegates were hyped up and ready to debate at the very opening of the conference! ECOSOC had a very interesting topic to debate, ‘’Measures to prevent early and forced marriages’’ The second I walked into their commission I was startled by Netherlands and

Catching up with MSMUN-Q’s SG, Ahmed Al Hajari

Article by: Emily Barlow Photo by: Farah Armoush, Qatar Academy Doha Ahmed Al-Hajari is a grade 11 student at Qatar Academy currently serving as Secretary General of MSMUN-Q. Ahmed has been involved in MUN for five years and he’s attended around twenty-two conferences both locally and internationally. He started with MSMUN after he got the position

PHESMUN Outreach to Pakistan Education Centre

By  Rahema Velmi, Park House English School It was that epiphany of a moment where I sat in one of my conferences and looked around. There was not one single representative from a Pakistani school! I have always had a passion instilled in me to do better, to bring change. The patriotism and dedication I

2017 Executive Team Announced

The THIMUN Qatar office is pleased to announce the 2017 THIMUN Qatar Executive Team. You’ll be hearing more from them in the months ahead. A big congratulations to Secretary Ahmed Al Hajari and his Executive Team.   Executive Team Ahmed Al Hajari Secretary General Qatar Academy Doha Aliyaa Haji Deputy Secretary General Qatar Academy Doha

The World is our Home: a History of the THIMUN Qatar Theme Song

Not all MUN conferences have their own commissioned theme song, but no THIMUN Qatar conference would be complete without the traditional opening ceremony  performance of The World is Our Home. According to Cameron Janzen, the founder of THIMUN Qatar, the idea came from the Qatar Academy Choir and Band teacher, Mandy Hollingsworth. The idea was shared

International School of London Model United Nations

By Dana Al-Rumaihi – Head of ISLQ MUN Press and Darpana Vellanki – ISLQ MUN Chief Editor International School of London Qatar has run several internal conferences that concluded successfully in preparing delegates for future conferences. The conferences have ensured that delegates are well familiar with MUN procedures and appropriate language. The latest internal conference took