Thanks and good luck

By Hassan Akoum, Former Qatar International School student, THIMUN Qatar Delegate and now a student at American University of Beirut. Three years of happiness, joy, motivation, empowerment and awareness. These five descriptions adequately portray my three year experience with THIMUN Qatar. The organization has helped me in various aspects in life as before I even

Travel to another world: US Delegation’s visit to THIMUN Qatar

Joshua Kazdan was part of the John Burrough’s delegation, travelling all the way from the United States and for most, making their first visit to the Middle East. Joshua shares this moving piece about the difference, and most importantly, similarities, the delegation experienced while in Doha. Fourteen hours across four continents brought this year’s Burroughs

Three days in Security Council

Umar Bin Rasid is a student (and passionate Security Council delegate)  from Mesaieed International School. After weeks upon weeks of preparation and research on Lithuanian foreign policy, and days after days of writing and perfecting operative clauses, me and my partner, Caleb, were ready represent Lithuania at THIMUN 2015. However, what we experienced was on

Film Institute Recap

Mohammed Al Malek, Film Institute Executive Officer gives a recap of TQ’s unique committee focused entirely on film. THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival strives to provide support to students by featuring the Film Institute, which is led by student officers and instructors with a filmmaking background. The Film Institute offers educational opportunities and cinematic skills

Up through the ranks

Patrick Arevalo recently served as a Student Officer at THIMUN Qatar. A student from Mesaieed International School here in Qatar, he reflects on the doors TQ has opened for him, and the confidence he has gained throughout the THIMUN journey. From a clueless delegate intimidated by the intense atmosphere of a committee room to being the

My Dreams

One of our TQ delegates from Afghanistan, Mursal, reflects on what THIMUN Qatar meant to her and how it is helping her achieve her dreams. It wasn’t always this way … I started out trying to achieve my dreams when I saw my country in a bad economy situation and try to find way to

The memory that is TQ 2015

 Jayesh Kaushik was President of THIMUN Qatar’s Disarmament Commission. He is a student at DPS Dubai and traveled with the OMUN travel team and reflects here on TQ 2015. THIMUN Qatar 2015 was like the slow dream you wish never ends, and when it does, you sometimes end up feeling so emotional that your response becomes