UNODC Mandate Debated in Afghanistan Model UN

On Sunday 30th April, the HELA organization conducted its fourth HELA-AFMUN Monthly Mini Conference. This time the Conference was focused on the committee of UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), on the topic of Human Trafficking and Addressing Migrant Smuggling across the Mediterranean. The conference was held at Dunya University of Afghanistan thanks to

Afghan Delegate starts new MUN Career in Thailand

Samir was one of the original MUN delegates from Afghanistan to participate in THIMUN Qatar 2015.  He is now attending school in Bangkok, but his passion for MUN remains! Everyone says that MUN is an organization which is trying to increase the skills of youth in any field of life. MUN hopes to improve the skills

PiMUN launched to help MUN clubs

This article is brought to us by Madison Swanson, a student at the John Burroughs School in St Louis, Missouri. Inspired by her trip to THIMUN Qatar 2015, and determined to help emerging MUN programs like the one in Kabul, Afghanistan, Madison helped to spearhead PiMUN, a school organization to refurbish laptops and to donate them to

HELA Students check out online debating

Written by Mursal Saidali, Curriculum Director for Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan Yesterday our newest delegates who recently joined MUN club in Kabul took part in an online debate. It was their very first time that they heard delegates doing online debate. Students logged on via computers and their phones to listen to a debate

Afghan MUN now an NGO

Rahmatullah Hamdard is the new President and CEO of Afghanistan’s first NGO devoted primarily to Model United Nations. Formed under the umbrella organization HELA (Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan), this new organization will carry on the initiative started at the 2014 Qatar Leadership Conference. (For more information refer to Full Circle: The TQ

Afghan Delegates off to TASMUN

My name is Murtaza Hamra and I am from a middle class family in Kabul. I was always looking for an opportunity to go oversees and meet different people from different cultures and different societies. So it was a shocking moment when Mr. Peter Dalglish told me that I am going to have a trip to

Full Circle: THIMUN club launched in Kabul

The THIMUN Qatar-Afghanistan initiative is now in its fifth month. The five delegates who traveled to Doha in February are now well into their club activities, having taken the complete journey from novice delegates to experienced club volunteers. For those unfamiliar with the initiative, a little background is in order. The idea of a collaborative