Why They Lie to You

Why They Lie to You Zoya Salahuddin False media is a problem. You’ve probably noticed by now: we’re being bombarded with fake headlines and staged videos. Deliberate misinformation of the masses is on the rise, and not without reason. With the constant development of technology, the need for high views and ratings grows, many media

Marching for Change

Marching for Change Nafilah Khan Growing up in a time where men are still considered superior to women in some societies enrages me. To add to my ferocity, there isn’t equality in gender rights in most places around the world, including the US. This is the cause for the biggest protest in US history took

The Education for Justice Initiative

MUN & Education for Justice Faiq Raedaya Hundreds of thousands of young people participate in Model United Nations (MUN) simulations across the globe every year. With a wide outreach to students at all education levels, MUN serves as an accessible platform to learn about the UN. As a part of its Education for Justice (E4J)

E4J – Humanity’s Future

E4J – Humanity’s Future Zoya Salahuddin Crime: an epidemic that plagues society, making development and advances in much-needed areas almost impossible. With criminal activity increasing every year, it is evident that crime prevention is incredibly crucial to the improvement of living standards across the world. Thus, at the conclusion of the 13th United Nations Congress