TQ Heroes 2018

TQ Heroes The TQ Heroes series aims to highlight the work of special individuals and organizations that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make THIMUN Qatar events operating smoothly. Ekhlas Ibrahim – Nurse One underappreciated but important individual is Ekhlas Ibrahim, a nurse from Al Khor Academy. Being a long and exhausting conference, health is

Way of the World (POEM)

Way of the World Sundus Aladra We say we live in the 21st century But why do these expectations prevent our growth in peace? Our children, raised in boxes, called stereotypes Can’t escape, no light, no matter how they fight Society’s built this way, now their road isn’t theirs to pave Little boy, little girl,

The Rohingya Exodus

The Rohingya Exodus Natali Al Jundy The Rohingya Muslims are a minority group in the majority-Buddhist Rakhine State, in north-western Myanmar. There has been significant conflict between the two groups, as Rohingya Muslims have been refused citizenship due to the 1982 law stating that full citizenship is granted only to those able to trace their

TQ Profiles – Head of Admin Sarah Tariq

TQ HEADS Rayan El Amine The TQ Heads series sheds light on some of the high-ranking, hardworking individuals pushing this conference forward. Theirs are faces you may have seen, and jobs you may even recognize, but TQ Heads seeks to really probe these individuals and to understand why they do their jobs, what they earn


The Growth of THIMUN Rayan El Amine To speak of humble beginnings may be a cliche of the successful, but sitting in the vastness of the QNCC, looking at Shell sponsors and close to a hundred different nationalities, I don’t care. Before THIMUN ever even came to the Middle East, it began in the The

A Lasting Impact

A Lasting Impact Rayan El Amine Kari Beck, affectionately called Mrs. Beck by her students, has been participating in Model United Nations for many years now (citing one of her first conferences as the 1995 Hague Conference, where she represented Cameroon!). Yet, as someone who has immersed themselves in such a community, absorbing everything it