Uniting Nations Through Revolution & Sport

“Revolution” Negative connotations are often associated with the word ‘revolution.’ Many of us think  apart; however, what we fail to see is how it reunites a country. Revolutions cause massive damage on a country in terms of infrastructure and political reputation. Although governments often refuse to look at what they have done till its citizens

Let’s Go Green For Our Home

Heavy drought, Siberian winters, monsoons, and hurricanes: these are just some of the weather extremities that we have seen within the past year. The increase of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in our atmosphere absorbs infrared radiation and acts as a mirror, continuously reflecting excess radiation back on our earth. Since 1990, CSIRO Australia has stated that


Hello THIMUN Delegates! Here I am, the THIMUN Guru: watching over you from the many eyes in the back of my head. I’m back, blending in with the crowd of over a thousand people. What is a Guru? (For those who haven’t heard of me!) Well, as Urban Dictionary defines: “a teacher and especially intellectual guide

Positive Change Through MUN

  What is your goal as a filmmaker? My goal is to change the world, any change as long as it is positive change. I would like to shift the world a hundred and eighty degrees if not more.Through making documentaries and MUN I have met a lot of people. People who have inspired me,people who

Do Women Fit Into the Fast Paced World of Politics?

Feminisim has been prevelant since 1848 and is showing no signs of slowing. “Although voting rights gave women the chance to be influential, gender stereotyping still affected women” The first two-day conference was held in Seneca Falls, New York where 68 women and 32 men signed the ‘Declaration of Sentiments’, outlining the group’s campaign agenda. On

Does Iran Have the Right to Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy has its pros and cons, but when crunch time arrives. “Should we allow a developing country such as Iran access to nuclear power?” Among the most positive aspects of nuclear energy is the reduction of global warming. Nuclear energy reduces the risk of global warming. Nuclear energy supplies are much more plentiful in

The Future of Governance: Is it worth it?

  2012 has brought a lingering question to the surface of everyone’s minds; do we require governance? The idea of governance was created by the Romans who gave us great achievements such as most of the English language and great architecture. So it seems reasonable to entrust our civilization with the social morals and ideals