HELA visits American School of Doha

Hope for Education and Leadership In Afghanistan founder and co-founder, Rahmatullah Hamdard and Sulaiman Sulaimankhil, along with HELA member Hidayet Nooshin, paid a visit to the American School of Doha on October 18th, 2017 in conjunction with their visit to Qatar for #QLC17. The HELA reps had the opportunity to tour the campus, hold a series of meetings with school and MUN club leadership, and visit to an IB Global Politics class, to share their story and drum up support for their upcoming THIMUN Qatar delegation.  ASD, as a component of their learning service program, have made a major commitment to support the HELA delegation to attend the annual TQ conference. The Parent Teacher Association, the Arab Mothers Association, and a private donation from Illham Afiouni and her business, My Gym, have largely underwritten travel for HELA, with the TQ office and local hotels providing additional support.

On the opening day of the Qatar Leadership Conference, representatives of the ASD PTA, AMA and My Gym, were recognized for support and received small tokens of appreciation from the HELA team.

The THIMUN Qatar office is grateful for the generosity of the American School of Doha, teachers- students and parents, and their willingness to support this amazing MUN program.

SDG5 – Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality

We are living in a country that has experienced three decades of war, where no one has equal rights and where women are considered slaves for men. They don’t have the right to raise their voice, or to work shoulder-to-shoulder with men for their community, their people and for peace. Their only rights are to sit in their homes, do house chores, keep their mouths shut all of the time, and tolerate all the bad things that happen to them; if not then they will be beaten by men or will be killed.

The world has witnessed what happened to Farkhunda; a talented young woman who was passionate about her country and dreamt to take action for peace, but she was shut out. No, she was cruelty killed by hundreds of men on the street, her body run over, dragged, and burned. While we all know of things that men can do well, women can also do same and even better than men. If men are dreaming bigger, women should do so. If men are working for their society, women should accompany them. Women should be involved in big decisions, because they have that talent!


This is why the HELA (Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan) organization is focusing on SDG5 – Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality. We are promoting Women through MUN, to become the future leaders of Afghanistan, to be able to raise their voice in front of thousands of people without any fear, and to be able to find solutions for the tough situations of their country. We are also promoting women through another project of ours, which aims to create the future business women of Afghanistan. And the reason that we do this is: because we believe that what women could do, sometimes even men can’t.

So, last but not least, I would say this: this world is incomplete without consideration for every single person. But look at us- we are not considering an entire gender. So we can’t say that we are complete; we would- and can only- be complete if we give equal rights to women!


By: Rahmatullah Hamdard, HELA Organization CEO & Founder

UNODC Mandate Debated in Afghanistan Model UN

On Sunday 30th April, the HELA organization conducted its fourth HELA-AFMUN Monthly Mini Conference. This time the Conference was focused on the committee of UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), on the topic of Human Trafficking and Addressing Migrant Smuggling across the Mediterranean. The conference was held at Dunya University of Afghanistan thanks to their generous partnership.

The conference was unique because it  consisted of two committees, an English language committee and the first ever committee in Dari, a first in Afghanistan.  HELA  is proud to be a leader in starting Dari MUN  and now Dari MUN conference.

The conference started with an opening ceremony, in which guests from different private and public organizations were invited.During the opening Ceremony our respected Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ahmad Shah Sangdil , Head of Dunya University in Afghanistan, spoke about “How youth can make a change”.  Mr. Rahmatullah Hamdard, CEO & Founder of HELA and Mr. Sulaiman Sulaimankhil Deputy CEO and Co-Founder of HELA both spoke about “How HELA first started and about HELA’s achievements and its future goals.HELA team also conducted a pre-training session for all the delegates before the conference, helping to enhance their skills and allowing them  to develop into a real MUNer in Afghanistan!

Finally the conference was ended by providing the delegates with certificates; participants will also receive their Digital Certificates, which will enable them to start their own MUN clubs in Afghanistan. HELA  is ready to support the development of Model United Nations in Afghanistan, and to teach about important topics being addressed by the United Nations!
More photos from the conference and opportunities from HELA, coming soon…






By Rahmat Hamdard, CEO of Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan (HELA)


Discovering the Power of Globalised Patriotism: Afghanistan

By: Irene Ann Promodh Deputy Secretary General, OMUN

As delegates streamed into the room, our adrenaline pumped higher as the moment we had been waiting for was finally manifesting itself in reality after months of preparation, brainstorming and planning. What had flickered within me as a subtle idea of creating international patriotism and proactivity on an online platform, had now combusted into a flame capable of setting our world’s youth on fire.

Members of HELA (Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan) had produced the finest communiqué that our team had ever seen: it was not a series of empty-cored clauses formulated for the purpose of gaining credit on the Delegate Recognition System. Instead, the sincere concern of HELA’s members for their nation’s welfare in tackling socio-economic stagnation radiated through every clause, thus causing every delegate to vote in its favour in an overwhelmingly positive response that justified every goal/aim of Afghanistan listed in the communiqué, in addition to the means by which these ends could be attained. Everyone was silenced by the Afghan national anthem (Milli Surood) that played through speakers in India, UAE, China, Israel, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, and of course, Afghanistan, before HELA’s first speech resounded through the boundless, global room.

Ten different cultures, one single purpose: to effectively develop strategies to tackle Afghanistan’s current social and economic crisis as a result of women’s suppression, lack of education, Taliban forces, oppressive government and poor security measures. Delegates and moderators alike raised interesting questions about the reason behind women’s suppression and political fragility; after more than two hours of heated discussion, we arrived at a general consensus that the lack of formal government control due to bribing policies, loose/volatile law enforcement measures, illegal trading, mismanagement of natural resources due to insufficient transparency in mining, inadequate training of teachers and security forces, excessive state control and poor border control had resulted in the country’s socioeconomic decline over the past decade. Although Afghan soil was once treasured due to its high content of fuel and non-fuel minerals, today, the country has been debased and shamed with failure, controversy, socioeconomic stagnation and soaring death rates as a result of terrorist attacks and related causes. As a result, Taliban’s rise to power due to compromised security measures and information failure have caused the country to hang dangerously in the balance.

Although our International Affairs Dialogue cannot, in effect, revert the damage incurred by Afghanistan over the years, it has the potential to spark a hope for change, not only among the youth of a single nation, but also among youth worldwide. As the next generation, we have the responsibility of paving the road for a shift in socioeconomic conditions of countries helplessly on the verge of destruction; this is the sole purpose of our International Affairs Dialogue debates. They are not based on public speaking skills or rhetoric expertise; instead, we aim to spur a passion within delegates to see beyond personal benefit, to move into the next paradigm of cultural unity and globalised patriotism devoid of racial prejudices or divides. I am grateful to the leaders of THIMUN Online MUN and my team for enabling a mere idea to turn into something so beautiful and fruitful; we look forward to reaping even greater results with our next International Affairs Dialogue.

Happy Independence Day, Afghanistan! We wish you a bright and prosperous future ahead where the scars of the past will be erased and a new light will shine through. The best is surely yet to come!

HELA invited to attend NGO Gathering

On Wednesday Mohammad Bilal Mirbatzai, Finance Director of Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan (HELA), attended a seminar for NGOs which was held in the Continental Hotel. The event was hosted by Counterpart International.  About 30 people from about 30 different organizations were invited to the conference and Bilal attended on behalf of the HELA organization.

Participants at the seminar came along to find solutions to how to stabilize an organization financially and also how to develop a new organization. This seminar lasted the entire day and all the attendants tried to find ways and solutions to help new NGOs.

Bilal seminar 2
Bilal attending an NGO seminar.

Bilal stated “I felt very happy because I meet with lots of CEOs from NGOs  and shared ideas. We participated in discussions about the problems of how to establish NGOs and the steps of making NGOs. There are problems that we talked about why they  (officials) take money (bribes) when you are going to start work or register your NGO.  Overall it was a great time and lots of people were interested in our NGO when I said we were working in MUN , OMUN, and film making projects.”

It was a big honor that in such a big Seminar that HELA was invited. We are looking forward to taking part in such Seminars. This provides many opportunities for our members, students and even to other organizations for youth!