Middle School MUN Club visit to the Embassy of Peru

On Monday May 1st the Middle School MUN Club of Qatar Academy Doha had the unique opportunity to visit the Embassy of Peru here in Doha. Our group consisted of Middle School MUN students, along with a number of Senior MUN students from the Executive Team. We were warmly welcomed at the Peruvian Embassy by the Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Ruben Espinoza. He shared with us a great amount of information about the country itself (did you know tomatoes originate from Peru?) as well as an insight in the work of a diplomat in general, and more specifically the work of the Peruvian Embassy in Doha. Mr. Espinoza gave plenty of opportunity to ask questions in more detail about matters that will be of value for our upcoming MUN conference. A big thank you to Mr. Espinoza and the Embassy of Peru for giving up their time and welcoming us!

By Suzanne Brown and Stephen George, MSMUN Directors at QA Doha


By Layla Hamza , MSMUN-Q Press Team

Lobbying MSMUN-Q was a very successful conference! Delegates were hyped up and ready to debate at the very opening of the conference!

ECOSOC had a very interesting topic to debate, ‘’Measures to prevent early and forced marriages’’ The second I walked into their commission I was startled by Netherlands and Sri Lanka’s policy statements. They were

IMG_0263absolutely outstanding! Strong, to the point, and very informative! But the delegate of Syria found a way to counter the other delegate’s policy statements on how early and forced marriages are bad, and made it seem like a good thing!

There were also a few busy bees in GA1. They’ve started and finished their lobbying and done their resolutions. It is the delegate of Russia’s first time being main submitter and has a couple words for you guys, ‘’It may be hard, but I’ll get through it’’. Hopefully, all of you are as positive as the delegate of Russia is!

I  interviewed a couple delegates in the commission rooms. One of them was the delegate of Sudan in GA6. He says that everyone in his group made a good effort in forming the resolution, and all the delegates cooperated with each other in a mannerly form. They eventually produced a well-detailed resolution. ‘’Many people want to do something in the world to make it a better place, but they’ll face many challenges. Due to which they are not able to accomplish what they intend to do’’. He also had a couple more inspiring sayings such as ‘’Do not let the fear of death come in the way of what you believe is the mission of your life’’ and ‘’Never compromise on your dreams, always compromise FOR your dreams’’.

The delegates in GA3 and the Disarmament Commission are also firing it up. The Disarmament Commission are really firing it up on a topic concerning ISIS, it’s a bomb debate! ‘’I enjoy MUN, and it’s a shame it’s my last conference’’ – A delegate in GA3.

The delegates in all of the commissions had a lot of fun sending in amendments and helping each other fix their resolutions instead of completely knocking them out.

In GA2, the deputy chair Malak Riad wanted to spice up the debate a bit, and played herself off as a delegate and let down some bomb POI’s on her delegates.

A lot of delegates couldn’t stop writing out PARAGRAPHS of POI’s and speeches, such as the delegate’s of the Netherlands, Sudan, and Syria in GA6. The delegate of Syria in ECOSOC was very friendly when talking about other delegates’ resolutions, but also stood her ground and was firm. The delegates in GA2 were pretty young, but their speeches and POI’s are outstanding compared to the other older delegates in the room.

The English Modern School Be Preppin’!


Article By: Layla Hamza, The English Modern School

Delegates from English Modern School…ready to shine!

Looks like we’ll be having some very fun debates today! The English Modern School has been firing it up lately. We’ve been preparing for this conference for around a month! But don’t get intimidated just yet, because we’re just as scared as you guys are! It is the first year of MUN for The English Modern School, but we’re more prepared than ever!

These past few weeks, we have been having so much fun preparing! Having mock debates, weekly 1 Hour meetings after school every Tuesday, preparing policy statements, resolutions, and speeches and showing it to each other. Even our officers such as our deputy chair for GA2, Malak Riad, have been preparing for this conference too! She’s been busy like a bee preparing a few Ice Breakers for her commission, so be excited for that! She’s also been very helpful at school by preparing her school mates that are attending for this conference. ‘’I’m pretty confident that it’ll be a great experience, and hope that I don’t have to heat the debate and make a couple juniors cry’’. Yes, she sounds a bit intimidating, but don’t worry, you’ll be just fine!

IMG_1344 Many of our delegates such as Tala Awwad have been preparing their policy statements, speeches, and resolutions. She and many others keep going over them every day looking for places that can be improved and they fix them, together. Tala specifically keeps practicing her speeches and watches out for her eye contact, tone, clarity, confidence, and body language. She shows her work to her friends and family to see their initial reactions and takes advice from them.

Even our younger delegates are pumped up for this conference, like Suliman Suliman. ‘’I will peacefully nuke whoever tries to attack me. And also I will try to be the best and beat them all! And of course, get my resolution passed!’’

We’re all helping each other out for this conference, and we’ll also be helping any other schools that might want some help with anything! MUN isn’t as intimidating as most of you might think. It’s really not that bad for those first comers out there, because if you really think about it, every single person in that room with you is at the same level of fear as you. Yes, they might be older or younger, but don’t underestimate them. They might be scared, yes, but they will try as hard as possible to make their resolutions pass.

IMG_1346I’ll be coming over to all the commissions to snap pictures of you all having fun and reporting what you’re doing throughout the conference, so expect to see me! Being a delegate in all my past conferences, I know exactly how you all feel. So don’t stress, keep calm, and have fun!

On behalf of The English Modern School and the delegates attending from it, we hope that all of yours and our resolutions pass, and that you all enjoy your time, and take it easy. Serious, but easy.



Catching up with MSMUN-Q’s SG, Ahmed Al Hajari

Article by: Emily Barlow Photo by: Farah Armoush, Qatar Academy Doha

Ahmed helping at club meeting
Ahmed helping at club meeting
Secretary General Ahmed Al Hajari, taking a break at student officer training
Secretary General Ahmed Al Hajari, taking a break at student officer training

Ahmed Al-Hajari is a grade 11 student at Qatar Academy currently serving as Secretary General of MSMUN-Q. Ahmed has been involved in MUN for five years and he’s attended around twenty-two conferences both locally and internationally. He started with MSMUN after he got the position of junior MUN coordinator. Being a junior MUN coordinator in Qatar Academy helps to prepare or teach the inexperienced Middle Schoolers MUN from scratch.

“That was a very hard thing to do just because of how complicated Model United Nations is.” He started to have a connection with the students that he was teaching. This inspired him to keep going and to apply for the position of Secretary General. “The thing I like about the middle school MUN experience is that it gives younger students and juniors a chance to have these leadership roles in this conference.” He believes that MSMUN is a way of connecting the high school and middle school students in all the different schools. Only a few schools in Qatar currently have a middle school club and those middle school clubs are held and lead by high school students.

“I feel that MSMUN connects and serves as a bridge between the middle school and high school students and I think that’s something that lots of schools are missing within the world because of the gap that there is between the middle schoolers and the high schoolers.”

Ahmed stated that the advice that he would give to the middle school delegates is to not hold themselves back and to not be afraid to speak out. “Everyone makes mistakes, if you make a mistake it’s fine because MSMUN is a learning experience and it’s good to learn from those mistakes and to not repeat them again.” Ahmed is sure that the delegates that he’s been mentoring are going to be a full potential in the conference because of the excitement that they have in club meetings and the amount of excitement the middle schoolers have for MUN.

Secretary General Ahmed Al Hajari, taking a break at student officer training
Student officer training at Qatar Academy, Doha. Two thirds of the officers will be chairing for the first time, like these students from English Modern School and Qatar Academy.

So far the best part of Ahmed’s MSMUN experience is having a connection with the middle schoolers. This project has proven to be useful to building that bridge between the high school and the middle school. “Earlier before I started with these students I’d see them around school but I’d never acknowledged them. Now we’ve worked very closely with them it creates some type of relationship.” If Ahmed was to describe MSMUN in one word he would say “it’s exciting or it’s a learning experience.”

Ahmed believes in the power of MUN to help “generate the believers of tomorrow”. He hopes that this passion for MUN can be led for further generations.

As for the delegates participating in MSMUN, they’ve been showing a great sense of excitement and are anticipating the upcoming conference. Ola El Aker, the ambassador of France, is an eighth grade student at Qatar Academy involved with MSMUN. She hopes to gain the experience of working in a committee for a day. She wants to work with younger people and people that are her age. Ola joined MSMUN because she knows that she will also be participating in MUN in her high school and IB years. She stated: “I just want to know what I’ll be doing for the next four years of my life.”

Sama Ayoub is a seventh grade student at Qatar Academy taking part in MSMUN. She is also a student ambassador of Mexico. Sama hopes to gain a lot of experience from MSMUN that will help her with her daily life and her future job. “MUN helps students to gain confidence and it helps solve world issues.”

Student officers from ASD, Qatar Academy and Mesaieed
Student officers from ASD, Qatar Academy and Mesaieed


Student officers from ASD, Doha College and Qatar Academy
Student officers from ASD, Doha College and Qatar Academy

American School of Doha gets ready for MSMUN-Q!

By DSG Somin Chung

ASD MUNOn Thursday April 7th, 2016, the American School of Doha(ASD) held its first ever middle school Mock United Nations conference. Since November 2015, student officers from Middle School MUN and ASD middle school directors have cooperated to establish a Middle school MUN club. Around fifty middle school students from sixth to eighth grade participated in this small-scale conference along with the help from a couple voluntary high school delegates and experienced chairs. Despite this conference being the first conference experience for majority of the delegates, due to steadfast training over the course of couple months, the delegates successfully conducted a fruitful debate on the topic of child marriage. The students were divided into two committees: UNICEF and UNHCR with around twenty delegations represented in each committee.

With the official conference coming up in just a month, the preparation for Middle School MUN conference is full hands on deck. The executive committee is planning a chair training session on Friday April 29th with all student officers present in order to prepare the new, inexperienced chairs to be able to handle situations effectively in the upcoming conference. The new delegates are also being prepared online in the forum of ‘Edmodo’ where MUN-related resources are readily available and the mentee-mentor interaction is facilitated.

QA Sidra makes MUN Debut!

Qatar Academy Sidra made their Model United Nation’s debut at the MSMUN-Q conference on April 25th.We asked these first time delegates what they thought of the experience, what they learned, and what they feel their accomplishments were.

QA SIdra

What were the most enjoyable parts of the conference?

  • The most enjoyable part was meeting the group members and working together on the resolution. (Leena)
  • The most enjoyable parts of the MUN conference were probably the times when your resolution passed or you convinced someone to vote for your resolution. (Jewel)
  • The pizza and break times. (Sarah)

What were the most challenging parts of the whole experience?

  • To talk in front of everyone on microphone and making allies with other countries. Also not using personal pronouns is hard (Sarah)
  • The most challenging part would probably be when you had to speak in front of so many people and convince them. (Jewel)
  • The most challenging parts were if you made an amendment that didn’t seem popular you sort of had to fight for it to get passed or in my case it didn’t. (Sundus)

Would you do MUN again and why?

  • I would go to MUN again and invite somebody else to MUN because it teaches you how to debate which could become in handy also it teaches you about global problems which can be very helpful and educational to learn how to solve them. (Sarah)
  • I would do MUN and encourage others to do it because it really increased my confidence after I gave my opening speech. Now know how MUN works, and I can participate more in next year’s conference. (Sapheya)
  • I think a lot of people should join MUN because it’s a great learning experience and there are so many committees. You could choose whatever sparks your interest. (Jewel)

Did you learn anything about yourself that surprised you?

  • I discovered that after I spoke on the podium the first time and got over it, I was actually very calm and composed in public speaking, while I initially thought that I would make a big mess of myself on stage. (Sundus)
  • I’m usually talkative; believe it or not but when it came to speaking in front of people I was terrified. (Leena)
  • I have the capability of talking in front of everyone on the microphone (Sarah)

Do you feel you have grown or changed as a result?

  • Yes I definitely felt like I grew and became more knowledgeable. It made me a lot more confident in myself. (Jewel.)
  • I feel I have become a little (only a LITTLE) more confident in speaking in public. (Sapheya)

What do you need to work on for the future?

  • I think I need to work on listening skills, and I want to increase my knowledge on world organizations because they will inevitably come up in the debates. (Sapheya)
  • I probably need to try to learn how to have confidence (like I’ve said a million times) because it’s a huge skill that everyone will need in the future. (Leena)
  • Thinking about the other person’s position before responding (Sundus)

Congratulations to the QA Sidra team for doing such an outstanding job at their first Middle School conference. We look forward to having more Sidra student’s involved in the future.

MSMUN-Q Team: more than just pretty faces

This post is brought to you by Dasa Riadi, Razan El-Kahlout, and Adeeba Ahmad, the Executive Team of MSMUN-Q 2015

Student Executive Team for MSMUN-Q 2015

“You have to be careful when writing a research report making sure they’re not too complex so it is simple and easy to follow for middle schoolers; it’s really harder than it looks”, commented Aiea Mansour, the head chair of GA3 for the upcoming MSMUN-Q 2015.  With just 2 months to go, the first annual MSMUN-Q is ready to serve some MUN mojo and flare to middle school students, along with the help of the extremely talented group of student officers from all over Qatar. After finishing up their research reports, the executive team worked for three hours straight on Friday the 20th of March at Qatar Academy with the student officer team for some intense chair training (plus chairing scenarios) and evaluation specifically aimed for middle school delegates. Of course, no chair training is complete without the help of six large boxes of pizza plus potato wedges and large bottles of fizzy drinks, and after working tirelessly for hours, the MSMUN-Q team deserves a little treat.

The admin team assignments for the conference is almost complete as and they are now working to make sure the conference runs as smoothly as possible, thanks to our excellent head of admin Houda Kerkadi, and hopefully we will have around 20 admins with three supervising each committee. Furthermore, a big great thanks to Zoe Martin-Parkinson for designing the official MSMUN-Q logo (we love you Zoe!)

Logo by Zoe Martin-Parkinson

Overall, it has been a very busy month for all MSMUN-Q organizers (Mrs Lisa Martin, the exec. Team and the student officer team alike!), but with all the hard work and effort put in, everything seems to be falling in the right place. “A mellower introduction to the MUN circuit in middle school can only help to further strengthen the already rock-solid MUN synergy in Qatar, and this in turn will only mould even better high school delegates”, mentioned Sharon John, a student from DPS-MIS serving as the deputy president of ECOSOC at MSMUN-Q. With more than 95 delegates signed up so far (we expect the number to reach 100 by the end of this week!), the executive team looks forward to welcoming all participants and directors from more than 6 different schools to the conference on the 24th of April. “I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a more dynamic future generation of THIMUN delegates in this conference”, expressed Razan El-Kahlout, the Deputy Secretary General of MSMUN-Q.

We cannot wait to see you all in this fantastic opportunity!