Qatar Under Siege

Qatar Under Siege Faiq Raedaya On the decisive day of June 5, 2017, a blockade of the air, land and sea was imposed on Qatar by neighboring Arab countries. Relations were severed, ambassadors withdrawn, and bans on trade and travel were imposed. Despite widespread panic amongst the general public, the Qatari government has maintained an

The Price of Naivety

The Price of Naivety Nafilah Khan Rotting in a four-by-four cell for over three years gives one a lot to think about. Whether for an actual criminal, or one who was simply framed, a life sentence in prison ultimately means hell. So how did I end up in this murky, abominable place? It was all

Almost a Whole New World

Almost A Whole New World Zoya Salahuddin THIMUN-Q is a conference known to bring together a plethora of opinions from all around the world, coming from various ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds. As many students come to Qatar to engage in invigorating debate sessions, they are given the opportunity to experience a foreign culture, which

The Threat Behind the Screen

The Threat Behind the Screen Nafilah Khan The growth of technology – is it really as a good as the world makes it seem? On your one Saturday off from work, you decide to stay home and spend your day scrolling through (and shopping from) various online websites. Quite a relatable scenario, don’t you think?

THIMUN Profiles – SG Don Sandev Ferdinando

THIMUN Profiles – Don Sandev Ferdinando Rayan El Amine The THIMUN Profile series seeks to shed light on some of the high-ranking, hardworking individuals who are pushing this conference forward. These are faces you may have seen, and jobs you may even recognize, but THIMUN Profile seeks to really explore these individuals and understand why

The Irony of Privilege

The Irony of Privilege Rayan El Amine In a time of great social awareness, it is easy to point out flaws in our understanding of the global space, flaws in individuals of great power. I always compared it to that of a boxer, punching up is always easy, because you know you can knock them

A City’s Secret

A City’s Secret Zoya Salahuddin Hidden away from the public eye, a garden of flowers blooms. Hundreds of petals, painted with streaks of colour, a clear image of innocence and purity – undisturbed. Like every good thing in this world, this scene, a discerning depiction of humanity’s morality and virtue, does not last long. Ragged

Twittering Trump

Twittering Trump Sundus Aladra The U.S. presidential race of 2016 was like none other, and sure to go down in the books as one of the most influential in American history. With the possibilities of having the first Jewish president, or even the first female president, no one really thought that we could have a