Looking Back and Moving Forward: An Interview with Keynote Speaker Pim Thukral

Looking Back and Moving Forward: An Interview with Keynote Speaker Pim Thukral Interviewer: Rayan El Amine Pim Thukral, works as a financial leader at Northwestern University in Qatar, overseeing all operational controls, reporting of procedures, and financial features, ensuring that all systems are set that ensure and facilitate growth at NU-Q. Prior to her work

An Interview with QLC17 Presenters Matthew Walton and Zaamin Hussain

An Interview with QLC presenters Matthew Walton and Zaamin Hussain Rayan El Amine Both Matthew Walton and Zaamin Hussain are Cambrige University students and graduates, that have experience in medicine, and both strive to expand and better understand public health. Both of them act as co-directors of “Naya Qadam”, a global charity that provides low

Man on a Mission: Alain Meidinger and French MUN

An Interview with THIMUN co-chair Alain Meidinger Interviewer: Rayan El Amine Alan Meidinger is currently acting as the co-chair in THIMUN Foundation. His passion and consistent participation in conferences around the world have put him in quite the unique position. His perspective into a conference such as QLC may be unmatched. Speaking on his role

#QLC17 – Malak Elmoh and the Virtual Handbook

Malak Elmoh Interviewer: Zoya Salahuddin Malak Elmoh is an  International Politics major at Georgetown University, passionate human rights activist and Qatar International School graduate. This experienced QLC presenter has always been enthusiastic about advocating for human rights; she has served as her school’s MUN Deputy Secretary General and has diligently volunteered in multiple organisations. After

QLC17 – Dr. Rebecca Nee on News in Media

Interview with Rebecca Nee Interviewer: Maryam Aslam Dr. Rebecca Coates Nee is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Media Studies at San Diego State University. Her teaching and research centers around how social media is changing media, politics, and audience behaviors. She has authored seven peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals and

QLC17 – An Interview with Sean Robinson

Interview with Sean Robinson Interviewer: Oroni Hasan Sean Robinson is an educator who has been involved in many motivating global projects and organizations. Creator of Connections-based Learning and co-founder of Connected Learning Partnerships, he has connected with educators around the world to advance technology and teaching in order to make the education system more meaningful.

Why Micky Mouse Matters: An Interview with Greg Bergida

Greg Bergida Interviewed by Zoya Salahuddin Director of Student Affairs at Northwestern University, Greg Bergida, is an experienced QLC presenter, having had numerous workshops prior to this year. His workshops incorporate learning from the variety of media surrounding students today, hoping that they begin to perceive such media differently afterwards. In QLC 2017, he presents