THIMUN Qatar 2017 Kicks off in Style

THIMUN Qatar’s Opening Ceremony was held on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017. It opened with a performance by the American School of Doha’s Band, welcoming the delegate ambassadors onto the stage for the Flag Procession, as the School’s Choir echoed sentiments about embracing each nation’s diversity by singing “The World is our Home”. The overarching theme

Directors get their debate on!

The Directors Training Institute is a program that is designed to aid the MUN directors when supporting their student delegates. MUN directors often have a huge burden when advising their students as they often have no experience in MUN themselves. Many directors have to learn through trial and error. This is difficult especially since many

GA6 Committee & THIMUNQ 17

GENERAL ASSEMBLY 6 – LEGAL YOUR CHAIRS -SARAH LOWEN (HEAD CHAIR) Hey! I’m Sarah, a current senior at the American School of Doha. This is my 4th THIMUN Qatar conference, and I’m really excited to be chairing in such a captivating committee. I’ve always been incredibly passionate about social justice issues, and partaking in stimulating


  71 years ago, along with the General Assembly, the Security Council, the International Court of Justice, the Trusteeship Council and the Secretariat, the Economic and Social Council was created. The ECOSOC was created to mandate all the global economic and social trade, talks, events and affairs, but it has become something much more- a

GA3 and THIMUNQ 17

Role in UN The 3rd General Assembly of the United Nations is a committee which overlooks the social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all over the world. The committee addresses issues relating to the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues, the treatment of refugees, the promotion of fundamental

TQ 2017: Connecting Delegates

Delegates looking to connect with their chairs may join one of the following Facebook Groups. This is not mandatory, but often something students wish to do on their own accord. To facilitate students connecting with their Student Officers, please see below. GA1 GA2 GA3 GA4 GA5 GA6 HRC1

The Security Council and THIMUN 2017

By Jan Sedlacek About the Security Council: When the United Nations were established at the end of World War II to prevent any other conflict of such magnitude, the United Nations Security Council was tasked with the great role of maintaining international peace and security and preventing the escalation of a conflict into an armed

GA1 Committee & THIMUN Qatar

General Assembly One, referred to in the United Nations as General Assembly First Committee, tackles disarmament and international security as its central areas of focus to promote global peace and demote illegal activity. All member states and observers in the United Nations are by default part of GA1 and vote with equal weight. In order

TQ Heroes: Ransom Pereira

THIMUN Qatar works with wonderful people in the community who go to great lengths to make our delegates and teachers feel welcome during the THIMUN Qatar conference. Mr Ransom Pereira is one of them! What is your name, job and how long have you worked in your current job? (required) My name is Ransom Pereira,