When Does Healthy Eating Become an Obsession

‘Green smoothies’, ‘lean meats’, ‘brown rice’: we’re living in the midst of a huge health movement. Suddenly, gyms are packed early in the morning, people pack lunches to work, and they ‘meal prep’ for the entire week. These are undoubtedly healthy habits, but where do we draw the fine line between healthy eating and developing

QMUNITY Guru: How to Win Over Your Chair

Greetings delegates! Welcome to the first day of THIMUN Qatar. The Guru knows that this is a very exciting time for all of you young grasshoppers, but don’t forget to maintain your professionalism. Here’s some advice from your very own Chairs on how to become the delegate of their dreams. Win their hearts with these

Sustainability Knows No Gender

What is Gender Inequality? As defined by the European Council, gender inequality is an un-equal visibility, empowerment and participation of both sexes in all spheres of public and private life. Today we are more aware of gender inequality and contrary to popular belief, gender inequality still exists in many locales. What happens if Gender Inequality

Exceeding The Limit

Let’s Talk About Internet Addiction… PBS defines Internet addiction as a disease that consumes your mind and can take over your actions — a physiological illness and can trap you in your own self. Do you have an Internet Addiction Disorder? If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably wondering if you are in fact

The Sandpit

Pearls Before the discovery of oil, Qatar’s main income was pearl diving. Pearl diving was very popular in Qatar. Divers would collect pearls over a 5 month period for selling and trading in the market. Go Back in Time Today! If you’re visiting Qatar and you feel like indulging in our beautiful heritage, then call

THIMUN without Technology

Abandoning the Internet Paul Miller, a technology writer wrote about his decision to quit the Internet on ‘The Verge’, an online platform created to cover technology, science, art, and culture. On April 30th 2013, Miller writes, “At midnight tonight I will leave the Internet. I’m abandoning one of my “top 5” technological innovations of all

The Rise of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Who is Abdel Fattal al-Sisi? Born in 1955, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi graduated from the Egyptian Military Academy four years after the end of the Egypt-Israeli War in 1973. Since then, Mr. Sisi has risen in ranks to Lieutenant General and has recently entered the run for presidency. The Quick Rise After the former president Mohamed

Microfinance Nurtures the Needy

According to the World Bank, 1.3 billion people are living on just over $1 a day. Due to lack of access to economic necessities such as financial, educational and health care, the gap between the rich and poor is gradually widening. Statistics recorded by the University of Dayton show the richest 1% of U.S. citizens

Sustainability Doesn’t Wear Prada

If only trees had Wi-Fi signals — we would plant so many trees we’d probably be more sustainable — too bad they only give us oxygen. Qatar is a country of enormous wealth. We have the world’s highest GDP per capita, which means many locals and expats get paid per person more than anyone else