THIMUN Qatar Student Officer Training

The Hague international Model United Nations, more commonly known as THIMUN, is a five-day conference held simulating a real United Nations conference with 3,500 participants including both teachers and students ranging from over 100 nationalities. Student officers are chairs; they are in charge of taking care of their committee, and things in relation to those

A Night to Remember

With the first day of QLC behind us, presenters, students, and staff alike finally got a chance to kick back and relax in the dreamy green lights of the Reception dinner in Carnegie Mellon University’s reception hall. The hall was filled with chatter, clatter of utensils, and food, glorious food. The dinner was kicked off

A Lighter Start

Debate is a form of argument between two parties, one for and one against. An example of this could be “We believe that smoking should be banned” and the arguments would be “for smoking VS against smoking”. Dr. Rodney Sharkey believes in “collective learning” in which during his workshop Sharkey Does Debate, the audience’s participation

Our role in Human Trafficking

Darby Sinclair, who holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Education from Columbia University, held a workshop about Human Trafficking. Darby has spent almost half of her life in various parts of Asia and is currently living in Taiwan, where she teaches International Relations and Asian History. Through her workshop, Darby hopes to

Forgotten Citizens: The Plight of an Arab-Israeli Citizen

This is the case of Salam Kedan, a Palestinian presenter with an Israeli passport. The 18 year old girl was born in Hadera, Israel and grew up in Baqa al-Gharbiyye, an Arab city in Israel, located near the infamous Green Line. During her presentation, Kedan talked about her life caught between two conflicting cultural identities,

Visions of a Leader

Leaders have become a stereotype. Every time we picture a leader we imagine an excellent orator, with a commanding voice and a strong will. But is that all it takes? Lecturing a crowd of people in hopes that they’ll follow you?Is that what a leader is? Well, the simple answer to that is no. You

The 2013 Definition of Leadership

Leadership is a skill that is not gained, but learnt from experience. This year at the Qatar Leadership Conference that will be held in Georgetown University in Qatar from the 26th – 28th of September will bring in speakers from Qatar and around the world. Learning is through experiencing and these speakers are volunteering to

The Secret Life of Admin

Admin staff are omnipresent, setting up behind the scenes and overseeing logistics in a calm and cool manner. They are the backbone of THIMUN Qatar, so what do the admin staff do? At the Film Institute, this is the third time Muneera has been an admin at THIMUN and her job is to direct other