Bringing Peace In More Ways Than One

Since the deathly World Wars, the United Nations and accompanying organizations have worked to prevent such tragedies from happening again. However, when the end to bloodshed finally comes, there is more damage done to a nation than just its government and military force. The Worst Kind of Damage When a war takes place, innocent civilians

A New Approach

Sustainability: The theme of THIMUN Qatar’s 2014 conference could not be more prevalent in today’s society. One of the main concerns of the UN is the introduction of laws for sustainable development as the laws implemented must abide with the views of current governments. The Millenium Development Goals are a group of goals that tackle

Screening a Terrorist

The September 11th attack highlights just how volatile security can be to terrorist attacks. Our safety has become a critical concern and the desire for security is now more pervasive than ever. Countries around the world are taking effective measures in combating acts of terrorism to ensure safety for their population. However, terrorism itself is

The Battle for Clean Water

Is Qatar Short On Water? 5277 km. away from Qatar, millions of people in Harare, Zimbabwe struggle to get a drop of clean, sanitized water. Being a semi-arid country reliant on rain, Zimbabwe experienced low annual rainfall and the lack of sanitized water has become a major obstacle. 1980-1999 Post- Independent Zimbabwe Zimbabwe’s attempt to

Cens*rship in Society

Media, say hello to your worst nightmare… The media craves to blabber about recent knowledge and gossip that has occurred but they face a certain obstacle every time they wish to chatter – their old nemesis: Censorship. Censorship was introduced to prevent certain information or images from being revealed to the public. Material can be

Deserving of a Chance?

Capital punishment has taken many forms through history, each method more humane than the previous.Yet the question remains, can capital punishment be considered humane? Current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stated, “The taking of a life is too absolute, too irreversible” at a New York conference in July 2012 according to UN press documents. The

Depleted Uranium: Health Hazard

The Disarmament Commission at this year’s THIMUN Qatar conference is finding ways to regulate the use of armaments and ammunitions containing depleted uranium. By looking at how we can safely handle ammunitions containing radioactive substances, in particular uranium, we can avoid fatal consequences. According to The World Nuclear Association, depleted uranium is the by-product from

Food, Glorious Food

“What should I be looking forward to?” This should be the question on aspiring diplomats’ minds at the 2014 THIMUN Qatar Conference. Some would answer the opportunity to meet other like-minded people who are visiting from around the world to attend. Others may point to the excitement that comes in debating political and global issues

The Rights of Prisoners

HRC2: The Wrongs of Rights To know your rights as a human being is to have access to a form of protection of your freedom and actions, but, does being a criminal make you any less human? Today, the United Nations faces the issue of unequal treatment within the system of justice and the officers