Hello there fellow students, As I write this I’m hoping you had a wonderful first two days… I know I did! The Thimun Guru approves the spectacular outfits that you are all wearing today; this could seriously turn into a successful fashion show. 1 To the ladies wearing heels, feel free to welcome the wonderful


Greed, excessive money, paranoia. What exactly drives a leader to dictator- ship? Leaders can be impacted by a variety of temptations and emotions such as… FEAR: One of the most powerful forces that has the potential to change the mindset of a leader. The world of politics is a fast paced and stressful game. Therefore,


Committees are in session. Delegates are either falling asleep or battling it out on the floor. Chairs are abusing the gavel. Mr. Janzen, grinning from ear to ear, is incredibly pleased to see that everything is running smoothly – or so he thinks. Deep inside the belly of the QNCC building, a monster is about

Building Confidence: Israel and Palestine

While many of us would like to spend more time contemplating life by the QNCC Reflection Pool, perhaps we should spend more time devising measures to halt the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With a history of disagreement dating back to 1917, it is no surprise that this particular issue is expected to produce a long and fruitful

The Development of South Sudan

The independence of South Sudan on the 9th of July 2011 has left the country with an abundance of natural gas and oil. As a developing country, the nation lacks knowledge on the issue of sustainable progress where a considerable amount of social and environmental changes are needed in order to save the degrading resources.

How Governments Deal with their Drug Trade Dilemmas

How effective are penalties in controlling the drug trade? Illegal drug trade is an extremely lucrative industry. The demand for drugs has seen a growth of drug cartels, along with a possible rise in violent activities. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has attempted to prevent drug trafficking by establishing to work with

The Question of SYRIA

With the gradual calming of the Arab Spring the Syrian Revolution has erupted. On March 15th 2011, a protest emerged in the rural city of Daraa. Unarmed Syrians gathered to oppose the imprisonment of a group of young boys who had written an anti-regime slogan on the wall of their school. The opposition soon spread


THIMUN Delegates: It is I, the THIMUN Guru, here to guide you on the do’s and don’ts of being a delegate. For those who didn’t read yesterday’s column (what an abomination!) a Guru is “a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern.” Wow… that was a mouthful… 1.Delegates, please refrain from using

What is the first thing you notice when looking at another delegate?

“Their eyes. It’s all in the eyes” (Woody, Qatar Academy) “If they look smart, the way they speak, try to find out where they’re from” (Leena, Doha British School) “ Everyone’s very professional aura” (Clotilde, American School of Qatar) “ If they look smart, how they carry themselves” (Anke, Greenfield Community School Dubai) “Stress” (Simon,