Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

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CCPCJ President Saumya Murgai DPS-Modern Indian School, Doha, Qatar
Deputy President Tasbihe Elsawy Stafford International School
Deputy President Minatullah  Al-Ani Qatar International School


Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 

Comprehensive strategies for crime prevention towards social and economic development

Advancing crime prevention and the rule of law through education**

TQ ROP for Commission on Crime and Criminal Justice  

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  1. Hello delegates!
    Welcome to CCPCJ! I am Saumya Murgai and I will be serving as your President for THIMUN 2021. I have worked on the research report for Comprehensive Strategies for Crime Prevention towards Social and Economic Development. The issues we will be handling this year are crucial and highlight the importance of youth involvement in combating crime.
    We are very excited to be working with all of you and are looking forward to having a constructive and fruitful debate at the conference. The research reports for the relevant topics are available on the THIMUN Qatar website and if you have any questions along the way, even the smallest ones, please feel free to drop them here and we’ll gladly respond!
    Best of luck!

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